Black Dog US Stryker WINT -T C accessories set

Hi guys , any thoughts regarding this set from Black Dog 1/35? I know that Black Dog have reputation not to be most accurate (I know, struggled with their Zelda 2 conversion)
Also any info that wint-t C on Strykers were ever used in “hot” zones?
Thanks for info!


I have that set, but still didn’t use it.

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Can’t talk from personal experience, but I can say that pretty much everything i’ve seen written about Black Dog suggests that the best place for their kits is in the bin.


@Khouli is spot on. I do have personal experience with Black Dog products, and it is ALL over priced, undersized, miscast rubbish. Save your hobby dollars for something decent.


I used some of the main components on my AFV Club based WIN-T build. You have to check
your reference pics carefully.

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Were they used in some combat operations?

Don´t know, I just saw them here in Germany. Perhaps the system didn´t work as advertized?

How did it fit the AFV Club kit? I have this set and another one and I recall that the fit on the AFV Club kits was not that good, whilst the fit was nice on Trumpeter kits. But more than 4 years have passed since then so I might be mistaken.

Hi Nikos,
like said before, I used ony the cupolas and the mounts, the rest is from scratch. It´s good when you can go near to a real truck. :grin:


Here is a video from the installation of the WIN-T system at JBLM.

Some Stryker WIN-T images from www


BTW the system is called Warfighter Information Network Tactical WIN-T, not WINT-T.

I got their Sdkfz.223 stowage set, and it was nice.
But I’m currently building the Hummvee Special Forces conversion… and it’s a mess…
A ton of parts, very,very poor instructions, basically it’s a game of guessing.

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Their stowage castings are mainly totally unrealistic piles of random equipment.
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This is good as long as it is accurate pile of equipment.

Depends on what you expect by “accurate”. Some (a lot, actually) of their stowage sets look like a bunch of equipment/tools/kit thrown into a chaotic heap. Some engine -deck stowage kit prevent traverse of the turret, or interfere with the gun, and some block turret hatches.
Some of their sets are OK (according to me! :roll_eyes:), just check Black Dog’s product photos to see if they look realistic.
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Black Dog isn't alone in creating "random piles of stuff" for stowage. I recently did a US T-19 halftrack mounted 105mm howitzer. In addition to the tote full of ValueGear in my stash, I bought halftrack stowage sets from a number of companies and still struggled to get a camo net for one fender, ammo tarp for the other and the six "tanker rolls" for the crew. I ended up having to roll 4 of my own tanker rolls. It just shouldn't be this difficult. Each US vehicle includes a list of the equipment and its stowage location in the TM. Add to that a bedroll and rucksack/musette bag or a duffle bag for each crewman. Instead, we are offered random piles of stray ammo boxes, often for the wrong ammo, bits of random canvas, a gas can or two all dangling precariously off the back of the vehicle with no visible means of attachment. There, I feel better now.

Verlinden and Legend both do that, lots of random tarps just put anywhere to fill up space.

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