Blue DUKW truck

For those who look for something different to build, I found a couple of pics of DUKW Amphibians in service with the German THW.


For explanation. THW reads Technisches Hilfswerk and is Germany´s Disaster Relief Organisation. THW is known for using surplus military vehicles and had in the 1950´s a couple of ex-US DUKW. Last use of the Blue Duck was in Dresden in 2002.


That’s cool. Any idea about what kind of tires those are and if a decal set exists?

Hi Ryan,
yes decals exist but only for HO gauge.
The tires are Russian made so you might look for tires of a ZIL or URAL truck kit.
Edit. THW color is RAL 5002 Ultramarin

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While on the subject THW, there is currently a flood disaster in the Western Region of Germany. Of course Bundeswehr is on site and helps out with heavy steel.



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We’ve had some major flooding here after a week of rain following a tropical storm. I’ve been following the floods in Germany and Belgium. Prayers for the 1500 still missing.
Photo #2 REALLY REALLY looks like a model!

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Several other MAN and Unimog trucks are or were in service with the THW Ortsverbände.

MAN 7ton Dumper_ (2)

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For those who are interested in THW. Wikipedia article on THW.

Thanks. Maybe one day a 1/72 or 1/35 set will appear.

Ryan I don´t think so.THW is over here mainly interesting for HO gauge railroad modelling. ROCO Minitanks did a couple of THW models incl. the DUKW a decade or more ago.

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Here is list of ROCO THW models in HO gauge.

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Then there are these conversions: This one is in London, but we had a similar tour Duck in our harbor area. I believe they have all been replaced because of fatal, or near-fatal accidents.

I went on something similar in the Wisconsin Dells during the 80’s. I don’t think anyone took photos then.

Some diorama ideas for Takom Feldumschlaggerät.

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Thanks, I have that kit. Maybe a future diorama.

Also Ryan, That 2nd to last picture of 87548, the tyres on that one look very similar to the old Bedford MK 4 series and the ones they used for a time.

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That would be a cool build and doing it in those colours.

Johnny, I guess tese tires are more of Soviet make, I think the must be several thousands left by the Soviet Army after 1991.You only need to find the proper size.
There is a new breed of “Duck” in the water, this time from IVECO: