Blue Tack for modelling

If you’re going to use Blue Tack for masking paint for camo jobs (works very well), use real Bostik Blu Tack, or Lepage Fun-Tak. It may cost a VERY little more than Dollar store brand, but the cheaper brand doesn’t stick to ANYTHING at all and is TOTALLY useless! :rage:


Fun-Tak holds my world together… :crazy_face::hammer:

I ordered a four pack of blue tack for my next camo paint job.

Well maybe but Blu-Tack can leave an invisible coating of whatever keeps it malleable behind on the surface. Generally that’s not a problem if you’re using oil-based paints but it can be with some types of acrylic paints, and likely you wouldn’t be in a position to use methylated spirit or acetone to wipe it off – re-priming’s a possible solution but that would mean re-masking the already-painted areas with…what? There’s still a lot to be said for Tamiya masking tape or, if desperate, the gummed strips of a pack of large Post-its easily cut to shape, they really don’t leave any detectable residue behind :tumbler_glass:

I use White-tac, as under certain circumstances, ANY blu-tac brand can leave a residue or stain on the paintwork.

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Thanks, but for camo masking I rely on Ammo masking putty (other brands have similar products), which I find much better. Keep in mind that blue tack is intended to stick, and this is something I do not want for my models with tiny and fragile resin, photoetch, etc…