Boneyard Tu-22 Blinder

Something a bit different . Working on the old Esci 1/72 Tu-22 Blinder bomber. As per s.o.p. for me , the base had to be fabbed before the project is complete.
I am mimicking some Russian boneyard / abandoned fields for aircraft.
This old war bird is going to get the treatment.


Now I’m hoping the Blinder will be hard weathered to within an inch of its life… Can’t wait for this one :+1:

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Looking forward to seeing the results too Chris :smiley:
tim :smiley:

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In the infamous words of Tripple X " im throwing this a beating"

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Did some canabilism work to the nose. As well as a few other details .
Black primer is down followed by a coat of aluminum. That was then sealed with a flat coat and two coats of suave super hold #8 laid down with the airbrush…
Bottom side is a pale sky grey. The top side is a dark sky grey that was then panel fades and a dark filter .


I just came very close to googling Suave #8 thinking it was some new release paint or something from a brand I’d never heard of… then I realized it was hairspray :man_facepalming:

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Omg . That is funny.

This will be awesome!
I love boneyard aircraft so 100% following.


Making some progress on this one side. Chipping, pealing , mapping and exposed primer.
The next filter and steps will tie it all together.
@Johnnych01 … This is weathered to within a inch of its life


Nicely done :+1:

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Progress slow and steady. The real work will soon begin on the blinder.


Very nice :smiley:
tim :smiley:

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Thank you. There is still much to do

yes, but what is there is very promising.

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@drabslab . Thank you my friend … I need to set it aside for a couple days and let the old grey matter work it out

Very nice idea and execution. However I do think those red stars would have faded to a pink shade over time. Possibly the inlet covers as well.


Great work…:+1:t2:

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the aircraft looks great, my only grumble is all the concrete panels look to uniform. a wash over some of them wit a darker shade and perhaps some cracks in the cement as this appears to be inactive section of runway, so it wouldn’t be as cared for.

just my tuppence worth.

kind regards


edit, I think the flash on the camera has wiped out some of these effects

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@Klaus-Adler . I agree with your statements. This one gas been sidetracked for a bit while my mind works on it


Chris, have a look at the last post with the pictures I did earlier today of an old WW2 RAF station where I live and the concrete and tarmac areas. Might give you some ideas.

Questions on the size of the squares on a airfield tarmac

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