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It looks weird seeing a Tiger with storage, I am sure someone here can find pictures showing it, but I do not remember any off the top of my head. I believe that they never really operated far from their bivouac areas, so no need to carry a whole lot, unlike other units, especially during the 39-43 when the Germans were on the offensive.

I guess it’s good to have choice,and it’s good to have more company’s getting involved in our hobby,but I got numerous built Tigers on the shelf,and a couple more in the stash,so I will refrain. It does look good

How much turret interior is there? The escape/ammo hatch is wide open and you can see quite a bit! :thinking:

Hmmm… To be honest I think I already see some innacuracies like mufflers, they should be above back upper plate, like we can see on this authentic photo.


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That looks like a nice kit. I especially like the log wrapped in barb wire, anyone have anyone info on that?

I do not subscribe to Twitless or Faceless. Never have, never will. If there are photos to be shared, share for all to see, please.

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I ordered this from Andy’s hobby HQ. Looks like it’s going to be available in Feb. or March.

This image of the Bovington Tiger I seems to show the shroud higher than the back deck. I wonder if they used actual specs when they fabricated them. Seems the King Tiger had the shrouds raised above the engine deck.

I did the same along with the Crusader MkIII. Cant wait to get them.

Does anyone know if the figure is included?

Weird as it may seem I wish that the accessories were available separately as I have much more than my simple share of Tiger I kits; might have to bite the bullet and order a couple if only for those way-cool Rommel kisten offered. The prices of the extras practically covers the price of the kit; only punishment is the current over-charge on postage in our marvy Covid world.

I’m not trying to be confrontational but what makes you say that they fabricated the shrouds? They looks authentically beat-up to me; though now that I look closer they are missing the ridges on the top and bottom edges used to stiffen the sheet metal. Either way they’re believable. I like that they didn’t try to patch-up the Feifels.

The “Rommel kisten” are a nice touch but I have some unanswered questions about them.

  • The one with an extension - I’ve never seen a photo of its top. How did Border know the size and shape of the lid?

  • The Panzer 3 bin - it was carried by an earlier Tiger version than I see in Border’s images. It may not be appropriate for this kit at all.

  • The “Paderborn” turret bin, also provided by Rye Field : did Border get it right? It looks “off” to me.


Here, I chose a photo that lets you compare the Border model’s exhaust to a real one.

Before you ask: the real ones were all of this length. They didn’t have the raised cover at first, but the main body was still the same length.


On Facebook, I asked Border Models about this. They said that their demo kit was assembled wrongly.


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I just assumed they are fabricated. I believe the Africa versions had the squared off shrouds. D. Byrden is the expert.

Well, the kit is out now and I’ve seen many images of it.
I am putting my thoughts down here; Border Models Kursk Tiger analysed.


I can see why you’d think that; and yes, the African shrouds were very specific and probably found on no other theatre’s Tiger 1s. I just thought that they might possibly be original in spite of missing the stiffening ridges on the upper and lower edges as they are really beat-up. Who knows?

Yes, those are the original shrouds.


Thanks for another in-depth review David. The exemplary work you put into these articles are commendable. The kit looks like it has a few faults but makes up for it by presenting great value for money with all the accessories and optional parts included.

However, might I ask which of the available marking options in the kit are appropriate for the January 1943 Production Tiger as the kit’s features entail?

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