Border Models 1/35 Akagi island and Kate

Oh boy - this is enough to lure me away from 1/48 -
at least temporarily !


Wonder how many thousands of dollars they’ll be asking for it.

If they do a Val I would be super interested

As it is, this looks cool

They may wait so as not to compete with Infinity’s Val that is basically out now.

I know that Akagi deck is going to be pretty expensive on its own but I wonder what my 1/32 Japanese planes would look like on it? I doubt the average person visiting my house would know any different but would even a modeler of non-ships notice something amiss? Could it pass if you don’t think too long about it?

Maybe Stevie Wonder or Helen Keller might not notice, but the top of the canopy being at the level 0f the ships radio masts might raise eyebrows

Interesting. 1/35 is a strange scale choice since 1/32 is the more common large-scale for aircraft.

Guess they want you to buy one of their planes.

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I’ll buy one. Then put tank tracks underneath to make the ultimate ‘what-if’ BRV :bulb: :military_helmet:


Replace the cabin on a Land Wasser Schlepper! :star_struck:

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