Bought a Chieftain and hauled it across the UK

useful close-ups …


Looked a bit unusual - no wading rail, single headlights, no search light, very good condition externally - built for Iran, but not sent apparently. Was impressed with the lack of smoke screen while unloading - until they got into the hangar…



Interesting clip… Good old smoke monster at the end lol

Was it just me Johnny or did you think he was treating it with kid gloves. You need to give Chieftains some beans when you’re driving it.

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Lol… Definitely, you really have to have it above half to max revs to get them going and don’t pussy foot about with it. Treat it at all times likes it’s going to bite you and you won’t go wrong. The same as CH1 on first start up or when it was cold…I always thought we would blow engines trying to turn them first thing, and they have a real scream when you’re maxing out the engine… When you look back and think about it those engines were properly hammered…

On an info note - probably to @Robin_Nilsson , was my post above flagged and hidden because I used the term p#### foot ? Just curious ?

Looked fine to me, no blocked information.

I don’t know.
It didn’t turn up in my moderators inbox at least …
Since when would it be wrong to write pussy cat?

it would be hilarious to hack into a few of the ‘naughty word’ databases and add
20 of the most common words in the English/American language

Interesting… I had an immediate message and the original post as it is above was hidden by community flags, then a few minutes later it was unhidden and restored by staff…with no changes…

It could be that another moderator handled your post (I was sleeping when you posted it)
and his decision removed the post from my inbox.

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How can you afford sleep with that stash you have :joy:


I can’t
that is why


With some sites, admin/mods can add words to the database. I know one site that has a few spellings for Sprue Brothers, a online modeling store because they had a personal falling out years ago. SB is changed to cheater or something along those lines when posted.

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I thought mods were not allowed to sleep or you never do. Something sounds fishy in your post. :thinking:


I was aiming at greater stakes,
“fixing” the databases used by the
companies that sell this type of service.
Making the “morality filters” freak out for almost every website on the whole www :rofl:

Weeelll maybe I was actually doing something else between two sheets but the naughty words filter would flag that post :wink: :grin:


All the poor Jim’s in the world, they would think it’s funny for a minute and then hate you for all the member posts and emails about outrage and help.

You are an evil man. :smiling_imp:

Still fishy, mods cannot have fun either. :thinking:

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More than 50 years ago, when I was still a pre-school boy, I took a deep look at the evil inside me and decided that I would not allow it to come out again. I bottled it up and have keep the cap firmly tightened since then. The shadows will still flicker and dance across my mind and let me come up with truly evil schemes.
One thought I have been toying with is to frame a nice picture with a frame that doesn’t have true 90 degree angles, hang it on the wall and let the OCD-crowd try figuring out a way to hang the dang thing straight … :smiling_imp:

// Evil is my middle name …


Darth Robin?

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