Boulton Paul DEFIANT Mk.I in 1/48 by Airfix with extras

Hi Fellow Plastic Surgeons,

While cement flashes off on two other projects thought something different would be fun for your eyes.

The beginning is at the end of this post. Let’s crack the box open first.

DSC00657 (Small)

DSC00660 (Small)

DSC00661 (Small)

DSC00662 (Small)

DSC00663 (Small)

DSC00664 (Small)

DSC00665 (Small)

DSC00666 (Small)

DSC00667 (Small)

DSC00668 (Small)

DSC00669 (Small)

DSC00670 (Small)

DSC00671 (Small)

DSC00672 (Small)

DSC00673 (Small)

DSC00674 (Small)

Now some of the extras.

DSC00658 (Small)

DSC00659 (Small)

The exhausts and brass 303 barrels have yet to arrive. The guns in particular are a worthy expense being that most people will navigate to this key feature of the aircraft. The exhausts are an improvement and being they’re less than five bucks, why not.

Before anything can happen to this bird she needs to have feathers, yeah I really stretched to find any intelligent fowl to rivet relation HA HA.

There are plenty of online references for the rivet pattern. This came from a fellow modeler in Japan. It also shows what Airfix did not in the three antenna cables.

DSC00785 (Small)

DSC00786 (Small)

DSC00788 (Small)

Plenty to do before glue meets plastic and paint meets primer, so I’ll get back at the other projects and then update as more becomes available.

HUGE thanks to fellow modeler Christer of Sweden who sent this kit.


Looks interesting. Will be watching and following along.

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Definately one to watch.

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Count me in

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Nice one! I love the Defiant and will definitely follow your progress! :slightly_smiling_face:

Here’s a walkaround that I shot at the RAF Museum, Hendon, in our old Gallery:

Hopefully, you’ll find it useful. Do note though, it’s on our heritage site, and Staff_Jim’s warned that urls there may well change as things are archived.

All the best

Rowan :beer:

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I’m on board for the ride, HG :slightly_smiling_face:

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I will also follow your build, HG. Have built this kit some time ago but as KO-I. Sure not half as good as yours will turn out. I can’t remember any major problems with it, only the turret was a bit fiddly to install because I did that at the end and not during the build as it is said in the instruction … :unamused:
Concerning that green tape you use for the rivets, I use something similar for masking. It comes from 3 mm to 38 mm with 50 meters on the roll. Have a look if you like, it comes from Germany and I believe they also ship to CAN:
Fineline Konturband 3mm x 55m Klebeband Grün Zierlinierband Lackierungen +150°C - Tape-Connection (

Enjoy your build!
Torsten :beer:

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Hi Rowan,

Yeah, that’s black gold to me. Thank you!


Awesome! More is on the way. Did Rosie have a brother? Robbie the riveter??? Nah sounds limp, maybe Hammer or Concussion or I know… pile driver. Nah no one names there kid that. :slight_smile: anymore.

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Thanks Torsten,

Yes it’s the same product, that tape. It’s thick enough to do the job for sure. It’s sold locally here in Edmonton. More’s on the way.


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That’s even more perfect for you! Mine comes from Dresden, about 600 km away from my home town.


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That is really a nice looking kit. Airfix certainly has come a long way, I recently pulled an ancient Airfix Ju 87B kit from my stash (circa 1982) and it leaves a lot to be desired as a kit is concerned.
Nonetheless, I’m eager to watch your progress on this a/c. As a kid I always thought this was a cool airplane, probably due to the gun turret.


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I felt the same way before I opened the box. Then I went, “wow!”. I think the PE and brass will really help. Thank you creading.

Hi All,

I’m waiting for glue to dry on B-17 turret parts and I know you’re interested in updates. Rivet mania here in the frozen north. Not all the lines match the highly detailed diagram I’m working off of. Either that rivet info is incorrect or the Airfix mold lines are. The work is more than close enough though.

DSC00794 (Small)

Unblemished part.

DSC00795 (Small)

And after. I have the PE flaps so need there also the bottom portion is linked with the fuselage, thus it will be done at the some time for continuity.

DSC00796 (Small)

As mentioned, close enough.

DSC00809 (Small)

Yeah that’s a lot of rivets.

More when time permits. Thanks Everyone.


Hi again HG

Great job on the rivets! The Defiant really doesn’t look right without them. You’ve certainly inspired me for when I ever tackle the Airfix kit that’s sat neglected since I bought it about 4 years ago.

All the best

Rowan :beer:

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I’ll do my best to do you and it proud.

Those stupid resin exhausts and 303’s keep going out of stock at Hannant’s… every, single, time, I go to order them HA HA.

Thanks Merlin

You may already know this but just in case (and for the benefit of other interested parties)…

  1. Andy Davies did a pretty good build review in the July 2020 issue of Airfix’s Model World magazine.

  2. CMK provides a bunch of resin upgrades – 4364 Cockpit, 4363 Engine, 4365 Weapons/Turret etc.


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Awesome. Will definitely investigate CMK.

Thank you.

Hi Guys -n- Gals,

Quick update.

DSC00832 (Small)

While there’s still more riveting, this represents the bulk of it.

DSC00834 (Small)

Time to build something… yay!

DSC00835 (Small)

Some PE that makes a subtle difference… just.

DSC00836 (Small)

A few hours later and there’s an entire page ready for primer and paint.

More soon.


Hi Folks,

Quick update while cement is drying on the B-17.

DSC00847 (Small)

As you can see the interior is sprayed. I used AK Real Colors RC 293, laying down 3 light coats. Boy oh boy do I love this paint. Then began adding some of the missing details in the kit. There’s an easy to find photo of the interior online.

DSC00848 (Small)

Wiring bundles loosely spun then coated with PVA and aluminum for the shielding. Next some brass tube for the couplers and Mr. Color 329 yellow connecting ends.

DSC00849 (Small)

All the handles have a dab of Micro Scale Krystal Klear PVA for the nobs. When this multi wired circus is threw with hand painting I’ll give it a wash then feather it back all RAF like.

Keep an eye out for more. Thanks Everyone.