British Para, Ranville, D-Day 1944

Getting back into painting last year I painted this 54mm figure from SK Miniatures.
A decent sculpt it did have some issues but the detail is fine resulting i. A bit of flash.
Based to place him on the outskirts of Ranville, with a homemade signpost


Wow, very nice work Rob. I like how you painted the face, very lifelike.

I don’t know if it is the photo setup and light conditions, but some parts of the Denison smock look a bit glossy.

Well done,


Excellent job Rob! Everything looks great. The only thing I see is maybe there’s a shine to the uniform you could hit with some dull cote.

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Cheers Mario

Yes…it’s a bit of both lighting and a slight sheen I ended up with being accentuated. In the hand it’s not really visible, but a direct light really makes the sheen stand out.

Will eventually give it a Matt coat when I feel brave enough…

Slightly terrified of Matt coats but you’re right about the sheen….

Love the base too Rob ! Really great job bro

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Cheers…much appreciated. I do love making bases…

I’ve a few more recent works to post with serious base work on them!!

Great let’s see em. Airborne subjects are my favorite when if comes to figures.

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@robh what did you use to paint the uniform? I think one uniform that doesn’t get any love for a paint set is the British para uniform.

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You’re in luck. I took lots of in progress photos, and actually remembered to photograph the bottles I used for the camo! (Keep meaning to do this on other projects but forgot….)

Base colour - can’t tell you exact proportions, but mostly ochre and middlestone with English uniform added as it’s the same as the trousers

Green - mostly reflective green

Brown. - not much orange…!


Very nice work indeed

That turned out quite nice.

@robh thank you, i eventually want to paint a few so this will help a lot!

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nice to see a British subject for a change and you have an absolute cracking job there as well.

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@Klaus-Adler thanks! If you’re in Scotland you’ll love my current project …52nd Lowland Division….

I agree David. Nothing better than the Paras - except maybe a tank !

@metalhead85 I take it you are not a fan of the bootnecks then LOL

Great work on this Rob- I think you have done a great job here, particularly the skin tones and the nicely picked out equipment.

Sorry Dave , what’s a boot neck ?

Royal Marines.