Bronco 1-144 Chih Yuen Chinese Cruiser

I have not been here for a long while but thought I would share my Current Build with you. This should be a fun Build…Cheers Mark


My question in your other topic has been answered :grin:
Those old ships are handsome with all their colours, not like the dreary grey of later decades

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Thanks Mate. Should be a fun Build…Cheers Mark

Her Hull is now together. I have added the Coal Shutes and some P/E Name plates. Will have more for you soon…Cheers Mark


Excellent choice Mark, this ship also already drew my attention. Will follow with great interest :+1: :face_with_monocle:

Ironically, Chih Yuen was originally painted overall grey by Armstrong and didn’t get the colours depicted until her arrival in China. She has always struck me as a bit under-gunned compared with other Elswick boats.



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I’ve had this kit kicking around in my stash for several years. I built the 1/350 one and was very pleased with it. I noticed on this one (1/144) that the bulwark interiors have no detailing, and in this scale it is pretty obvious. Will you address this in any way, or just build as is?
:grinning: :canada:

Thanks for the comments Gents much appreciated. The Hull base colours are now down and she is starting to take shake. Will have more for you soon…Cheers mark


Hey Mark,

very nice subject, great start and fine work especially with those gold ornaments. They really stand out!

I’m in and following, looking forward to your build!


Thanks Jan. I am really enjoying this Build…Cheers Mark

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Indeed, you have not, Mark, but it’s great to have you back! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks Mate. Good to be back. Her A/M Deck has been laid so her fitout can begin. Will have more for you soon…Cheers mark


Hi Mark,

Missed that keel laying. Great start, interesting ship, the kit is in my stash, it looks very nice on the sprue. seeing this, I am getting very itchy to get mine started.

By the by which AM deck are you using?

Cheers, Si :beer:

Thanks Si. I am using the Art Wox Deck…Cheers Mark

OK work on her fitout has commenced with the Foredeck area on her. It is almost complete so have started work on her open Bridge. Will have some more for you soon…Cheers mark


Hi Mark,

very nice work, and swift progress! She looks great!


Thanks Jan. I am really enjoying this Build…Cheers mark

Hi Mark,

I just saw this, love those 19th Century oddball ships! I especially appreciate the stylish details of the Chinese vessels - gotta love those dragons!


Reminds me of the dragons on Pyro’s old Chinese War Junk:

It’ll be fun watching this come together. :dragon: :grin:

Thanks Tim. It is a really fun Build…Cheers mark

Have completed the Bridge Area and the Anchor Guard Sheets on the Bow. IF you are building this KIt the Bridge Guard Rails are a nightmare. There are about 8 Sections of Rail that must be laid correctly then the Top Rail is then added to it. You need to be bang on with your Staunchin cutting from the Sprue to make sure you do not cut too much off or you will have problems. Am lucky that it worked out pretty well but takes your time measure twice and cut once…Cheers mark