Bronco Pz.Kpfw.III Ausf A Kit Number CB35134

Just joined the new forum here. To see how things post I will feature Bronco’s III A that I just completed. Fairly straight forward build with some issues with the interior fit and finish. Working on MiniArt’s Panzer III B at present. Hope to get involved here and look forward to the good conversation…Ken


Ken, Your Pz.III came out very nicely. I really like the overall finish. Welcome aboard!

Hey Thanks Mike! Appreciate the welcome. The color is not exactly right and will be more accurate on my III B I’m working on. I also will space out the pictures a line or so they don’t overlap slightly. Love the picture posting here…nice and simplified!

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Easy-Pz! :wink:

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Ken, your build and paint are nice and clean. Beautiful work!

Appreciate that Matt. The pre-war Panzer IIIs should have the two tone camo, 1/3 Dunkelbraun and 2/3 Dunkelgrau…I knew that going into the paint work but decided against trying it on this build. I’m working on a III B right now and will give the two tone a go…thanks again for your taking the time to comment.

Very nice work!

Would love to see an update on the Pz III B

Here is my MiniArt Pz. III B from the kit “with crew”


That’s also a very sweet looking Pz III.
Nice Ausf B!

Will there be a whole series of Pz III builds A to M?

I love it!..that’s exactly where I’m going!..all the Pz IIIs and variants…have completed the A,B, almost C, J (early), M,…have the D and F…and will be getting the rest over time. Working on a really nifty diorama with three Ms each a different scale 1:35, 1:48, and 1:72 utilizing forced perspective…will see how that goes! lol. Ken

Really like the paint jobs!

That looks great.
I really like what you did with the mufflers on the A.

Thanks much petro!

Appreciate that Grauwolf, I probably should have done the two tone on the A as well but I like the look of this very early version.

I see you went with the easier decals, as did I.
I learned alot about letting parts sit after glueing them on before continuing on this kit.
I couldn’t get the parts lined up correctly to keep the gunners sight open, so i closed it. And that wasn’t easy either.
Maybe i’ll finish when i get home. ( yeah right)
EDIT i just want the link, not all the text.
Link to Panzer III A WIP
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Right Petro, I tend to be in the “less is more” camp when it comes to markings if I’m choosing. Right again, you’ll notice my hatches are all closed as the interior was a bear!

Really liked your build. Did not know that Bronco did that version, and will have to get one. Really liked the dragon H (I think) and the new Takom Blitz kits look nice in the box. Think I have two “N’s” and a couple of the long barreled III’s from Dragon as well. Got to get my hands on another H or G kit, as they are my favorite.

P.S. I love that paint job. Not over done, and just looks weather beaten but not too much

Appreciate that Gary. Right, as far as I know Bronco is the only one that has produced the Pz. III A in 1:35. Also, I believe MiniArt is the only one for the B, C, and possibly the D variant. I built the Takom Blitz III M and it went together OK with a few issues.

Hi, kkarns.
I enjoy Your work a lot. Especially I like paint job, I can almost feel the steel… What paint have You used for german Grey?

Hi Von_Salza, Appreciate the kinds words here. I used Tamiya XF-63 (German Grey) and mixed in about 10% XF-18 (Medium Blue) and a few drops of XF-2 (Flat White)…the German Grey is just too Grey for my taste so the Medium Blue gives it a improved bluish tint and the white lightens it a bit. I went just a bit darker on the grey on the III B I posted here as I wanted the transition with the brown two-tone camo to be more subtile.