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I hope everyone is ok with me doing this here and I didn’t mean to tread on any toes so sorry if I did.
Just thought I would add some WIP images of my Panther build from the Build a photo campaign from the old site.

The Panther is pretty much done , just some finer detailing, weathering and washes and placement of some items.

Dio base has to be painted, and foliage added. Tom kindly donated the figure as I was struggling to find one.

All comments welcome. Stay safe.


Looks good, photos are a bit dark and far but I would add some dirt -maybe you already have it in mind

Thanks Carlos, and yes, all that’s on my to do list. Panther will be getting a good weathering and the Dio is only at the first stage, dirt, paint effect and foliage will all be added.
The pics aren’t the best as it was just to show some progress. The joy of pics on this new site is that you can pinch and enlarge to a really good degree to get up close.

Still need to get used to that, completely forgot now you can zoom in :smiley:

Now with more details I would add that you went too far with chipping. I am not a big fan of that… you can add as much dust as you want, or dirt, mud, rain marks… but I have my doubts about chipped paint on tanks that lasted, at most, a few months.

I admit I am not a fan of over chipping, and could well of got a bit carried away when I was doing it :thinking:. Luckily, dust and dried mud will cover a fair bit, but your point is valid on that.

Was only apologising in advance to the campaign organiser as it’s his campaign from the old site and wasn’t sure if he (Richard) was going to link to here as the campaign finishes in Dec.
Ref the blue, it can only be a trick of the light acting on the graphite I used on the inside of the barrel and flash hider when the flash went off.

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Hi John, that Panther is looking good! I haven’t posted much on the new forums yet because only one of my three machines is new enough to run it! (Old IE11 just doesn’t cut it…) That and the lack of my own modelling progress lately, of course. I’m not sure how hard the gear-crunch is going to be at full switch-over, but it’s looking risky to expect the old site and its campaigns to make it to Christmas. I see Jim is looking at options regarding how campaign ideas get authorised and what kind of reward we might get, but for now there’s not much structure - they’re just standard forum threads. More and more these days I find myself wishing the times would get a little less “interesting” for a while so I can catch my breath…

Looks amazing!

Hi Tom, and thanks. I’m happy with the Panther, only some minor cosmetic bits to do before a dusting and weathering.

I know what you mean about this new site and how fast it develops. One minute Jim was talking about it, and now it’s here !! I don’t think the old site will remain open for too much longer, there is a lot of momentum with people switching over and posting here, but will have to wait and see.

Brandi, good to see you here and thanks as well.

Have done a bit on the Dio. Did base coat of flat earth thinned down, then in sections applied a PVA/water base and then sprinkled real dirt which was finely sieved ( you can’t get a better colour match than real earth lol).
The actual Dio structure is some flower arranging display base with a layer of modroc ? Basically bandages with plaster of Paris in it, like you use on leg or arm breaks to make a cast. Then modellers plaster of Paris to smooth it over and add texture.

Have applied some autumn grass flock to see to one area in pics below to see what it looks like and am happy with how it looks so far…

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A few more update pics.

All the grass effect is now down. I left a few bits bare or with less grass to see the earth beneath.

The shrubs/saplings are seafoam, I got a massive box years ago for £7 and still have 3/4 of the box… I think it breeds lol.

Will be adding some ground scatter and plus model leaves and clumps of taller grass once the Panther is set in place.

Tom, the last picture is for you to appreciate lol… Once again, thanks for the GI in trench coat, couldn’t of done it without him !!


Okay, reposted from the old forum:
Okay, an up to date pic. Have made a tarp roll and ground cover sheet(??) and added them to the side with boxes underneath the sheet. Can’t tell from the pic what is really there but it is rectangular and it seems to be a box where the extinguisher would be… Testing the figures layout too:

Just roughed out additions to the loader figure as it is. This will have more work done to smooth out the rough parts and have some folds and pleats added.

Very different to what you get in the kit (image from

Not 100% accurate to the pic, but close enough. I think the load actually has his foot on the side armour plate in the pic, but I’m going with what I have here… not going to start counting too many rivets…


…and yes there is the cliché pointing German figure … but we can forgive them this time. :slight_smile:

Good to see you posting here now as well Peter. Looking at that figure again, it is an amazing job.

Outstanding build, Peter! Looks great and figures are spot on!

Johnny, it is really coming together! Looking forward to see more :slight_smile:

Here are the pictures of my finished entry - reposted from the old forum.





That was a cracking job you on the Shark Jesper. Well done again.

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Ok, so I am officially calling Panther 302 as finished.

After my first cock up with the Dio base, this one turned out ok to my eye.

I used leaves by Plus model, there are about 200 altogether, individually glued in place :sob:. For the ground scatter I simply used mixed dried herbs from a packet and I think they do the job ok.
Kit was the Tamiya late Panther G, with metal tow cables. Figure was donated by Tom @barkingdigger , thanks mate.
All paints were Tamiya and weather pigments were MIG.

Hope I did it justice, and thanks to Richard @GulfWarrior for setting it up.
I think this is a campaign that needs. MK2 in 2021 ??


Tom, this last image is for you to laugh at …again, thanks for the GI.

Absolutely great job on everything John, your groundwork came out excellent! :+1:

Thanks Matt, I really enjoyed this one. Panthers are a favourite of mine and it was nice trying to replicate something you know was real and can be narrowed down to a specific time and place.

I was quite happy with the ground work… Apart from glueing those leaves lol. The grass is just an Autumn flock from a model railway shop, and the earth where you can see it is actual finely sieved dirt, and which spent about 2 weeks being completely dried out. The clumps of tall grass are just a normal modelling straw and normal green long grass then cutdown to various sizes and positioned randomly.

Sensational John. I agree with Tom, the ground work came out fantastic. I especially like the last pic, although I only see one figure in the photo :smiley:

One Q. Is it just the pic or is the hull MG painted Dunkelgelb?

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