Building Custom Ladders, Railings & Ladder Racks

Some Tricks and Advice on making custom Ladders, Railings & Ladder Racks for your models:
Not just for Armor ~ Ladders are as Common as . . . well Ladders.

~ All Scales ~

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Unusual Ladders, Ladders Built to fit a Specific Space, Ladder Racks, Hand Railings, Extension Ladders and Tapered Painter’s Ladders. Plus making repetitive duplicate parts. ~ It’s all here!


Link to Main KitMaker Thread:

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My latest project: Porch railings are coming for a Rustic Cabin in O Scale:

The railings are just digital artwork for the moment but hopefully soon!


Great looking building Michael, :+1: :slightly_smiling_face:.

G, :beer:

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Thanks G. Found it all in pieces in the local Hobbyshop’s junk bin. Picked it up for a song. White plastic walls and a brown roof. (Kind’a Ugly) Took it on from there with lots of paint and shaders.
I am enjoying this build!