Building the Hobby Boss 1/32 Spitfire Mk Vb Trop

I have posted about the painting of this model here:
Painting the markings.
The Hobby Boss Spitfires have a number of flaws but I have wanted to produce a 1/32 scale model in the markings of Wing Commander Ian Gleed for some time. The photos are captioned.

002 002a


Great start! Look forward to more.

Good building report! I’ll loiter around to see how this will progress. :slight_smile:

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Moving on.


A little more.

Some glazing and some barreling:

very nice work - really enjoying your build log.


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Thanks, David, here’s some more :slight_smile:

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I really enjoy reading your build log, especially the explanations of your techniques. I have a couple of questions.

So you use PVA as a masking, I assume you remove that following your painting but how do you remove it without causing damage?

What masking tape do you use, it looks like paper masking tape verse the old fall back Tamiya masking tape.

As far as using the sponges, does the paint not soak into the sponge and then spread to the parts your trying to mask?

Just asking so I can understand and maybe incorporate some of these techniques into my builds.



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Thanks for asking.

The PVA masking usually just pops off without any fuss, we shall see if that is the case here? I’ve just in the last hour applied the second matt varnish coat so I can remove all the masking now, and that is one of the steps that I look forward to.

I use Tessa and Kip Tapes. They are exactly the same as Tamiya tape which is actually “Washi” tape (not Kabuki) but it is in 25 and 50mm wide rolls which are 50m long! so the price is incredibly cheaper than Tamiya tape. The pink stuff is lower tack. I buy it form decorators sites and if you search “Washi tape” you will find all sorts of it. Do not get the hobby stuff which tends to have patterns printed on it, that isn’t the same stuff. Here’s a link:
Kip tape

My paint of choice is MR.Paint which is a lacquer based paint so it should probably eat the sponges but I don’t spray it on heavily, I use light passes. But now I have never had a problem with the paint running through the sponge and affecting anything else. :slight_smile:

There is no such thing as a stupid question so ask away, I never really think about what I’m doing when I regularly use a method, so answering questions also helps me to understand or to asses what I am doing :smiley:


I really appreciate the response. I will look up that masking tape. I know it will come in handy. Interesting that the PVA just pops off, I am definitely going to try and see where I can apply that technique to my builds Sometimes using masking tape is just so frustrating. Have you had any issue with masking PE with PVA? If you have used it did removing the PVA affect the paint on the PE?

Again, really appreciate the explanation - always looking for new methods to improve my builds.

Cant wait to see the results from your painting.


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I’m sure that you will find Kip and Tesa tape in the US, or at least something similar. Washi tape is the key phrase. I don’t use PE really anymore, apart from maybe as gunsights and the like. I certainly don’t use it for detailing cockpits! But PVA shouldn’t affect the paint on PE parts?

And the last of the building apart from adding the dangly bits at the end.

The sequence carries on with the painting of the camouflage which can be found here:

Painting the camo


I will definitely try and find some of that tape. As far as PVA on PE, thanks for the information, I think I might give it a try on a test piece. There are times some tricky PE pieces that require masking when ship building and I am always looking for new ways to make it a tad bit easier.

thanks for the information and again, amazing build, really enjoy watching your progression


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I’ve just started on the final weathering but something came up. I will try and remember to photograph taking off the PVA masking! :smiley: