Burnin' Coal Campaign

Starting a thread for the Burnin’ Coal Campaign here. Hopefully one of the editors will pin it when it goes live?

Dates 15 Dec 2020 - 31 Dec 2021

These are the rules:
Operational Overview
Modeling any ship, any scale, as long as it burned coal.

The Rules and Regs
Model any ship, any scale, as long as it burned coal.
If it was a coal burning ship that later converted, it should be modeled when it was still a coal burner.
No entry should be more than 25% complete at start.
Post a start pic for the campaign and two in progress pics.
Upload finished pic in the gallery.
Have fun.

Contest Element
There is a ribbon on the old forums, not sure where those go here?

So far there is no provision for ribbons on the new MSW yet, but let’s lobby Jim for one!

Burnin’ Coal!

I am definitely in!!

I have the 1/350 ICM Konig with Toms PE and turned barrels heading my way from various retailers :grin:

Now you’re talkin’. I have a 1/700 Flyhawk Derfflinger and Lutzow. I have completed the outside of the hull on it (anchors and torpedo net booms) but nothing else. I have the deluxe editions with turned barrels, brass torpedo net booms, lots of PE and brass fittings going all the way up. I intend to finish that.

I see Flyhawk have released HMS Invincible and it would be great if someone would contribute that.

But anything that burns coal will be fine, and will be welcomed.

Are we going to run this campaign on this forum,or the other?

Not really a fan of the new format…but I don’t see everyone posting their stuff on both.

Hi Gary, welcome to the “NEW” side! The old forum will be shut down and archived tomorrow, so this is definitely the place for the Campaign now. It is different, but on the other hand the new interface is still being built, so be sure to put forward any suggestions you may have!

Hi everyone,

I already enlisted in the “Tin-Can-Sailor”-campaign (in the old forum), and due to some health issues, and some additional modeling time, I decided to participate in this campaign, too.
Is there a possibility to officially enlist, or do I just say “I’m in”?

It gives me the perfect motivation to start my 1/700 “König” from ICM with the addition of Flyhawk’s etched set. I can’t promise to finish it as König, maybe it will be build as “Grosser Kurfürst”, “Kronprinz” or “Markgraf”, as there is already a “König” in this campaign.

BTW, does anyone know, if there is an etched set for the different bow crests of the König-class ships in 1/700???

Happy modelling

I have eyed those Konig class ships from ICM for some time. I was hoping they would follow it with the Kaiser class, but so far, no joy.

I’m not sure what to say about enlisting in the campaign. It seems like campaigns for the new forum are still a work in progress? So for now, your enlistment is here noted by me. We’ll see what the powers that be come up with…

Hi Phil,

unfortunately, the only ship of the “Kaiser”-class is “SMS Kaiserin” in 1/700 from Combrig. The quality is excellent, but to achive a really good result, you net extra railings, masts and so on. But Combrig provides a very good starting point. And when you take your time, everyone can build an outstanding model. And they have a vast variety of “coal-burners”…
Lately, I’ve ordered “HMS Thunderer” and “SMS Thüringen” from Combrig, and I think it will be fun building them.

And thank you for letting me join this campaign.

Happy modelling

This will be my entry.

Happy modelling