By JOVe! Grumman's toothy Mohawk JOV-1A

Here we go again- I had fully intended to take on this kit two whole builds, a relocation and an an open-heart procedure ago. It sure is satisfying tick off another ‘good intention’. As with all my builds I’m keeping it simple- NOT! C’mon- take a look.


Aw another Chuck build, that’s it chair and popcorn ready and a tinny I thinks.

*Chuck just a note I think you are limited on you first couple of posts to how many photos and size you can post.

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Hi Chuck - Watching this for sure - Is Ms. Staples related to Capitan Andrea by any chance ? There is a certain… ummm … resemblance…

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Thanks, Littorio! My preview of the post showed all images, but I did see that I have to earn my wings as it were. My apologies for having to click links. :pensive:

I will also follow along. Your work is always entertaining, instructive and inspiring.

Roden has some great box art. I had also wondered what the plane had flown through.

Thanks, Witness- much appreciated! I’m tempted to try to incorporate that temple and monkey into future posts somehow. :wink:

My apologies to all- by some profound mistake I sized this first batch of photos to be huge- over a gig apiece! I’ve knocked them back to a reasonable size, and Betheyn (Andy) has helped me get them all visible. We’ve also moved the post to the Cold War sub-forum, so please adjust your bookmarks accordingly. Much more to come, but in the meantime I’m a bit busy skim-coating the drywall in a remodel for my wife.

Hey Chuk, nice to see you here! I’ll be following your latest master piece build.


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Good to see your back Chuck, I loved your ME 410 as I was building one at the same time and got a lot of inspiration from your build. I’m also glad that you are building a Mohawk as I’ve been stalled with mine for 5 years now and I find myself re-inspired to visit this kit, I would be replacing the wheel wells with a resin set from Cobra Company (now out of business, sad to say), I also have some Edward and Truedetails cockpit.

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Thanks, Mark! Thanks Treadstone- glad to hear you’re taking your Mohawk back up.
Here’s my latest- enjoy!


Hello Chuck, all I can say is wow, you make it look so easy. I like how you created the gun sight coaming, on a technical note from my prior research on this aircraft, the gun sight was the same as that used on the Skyraider, a Mk20 Mod 4, the interesting thing about this is that the glass reticle is an upside down tear drop, not circular. If your thinking of creating your own version of this I would recommend that you get the Quick Boost gun sight for Coursair/HellCat, QB 48580, this is the closest thing to the MK20 sight and with a good reference photo, Bobs your uncle. Or I may have an extra one in my stash from all the aftermarket Skyraider cockpit sets I have accumulated. Sorry for blathering on, keep up the build.

Thanks you kindly, Treadstone! I think I have that QB item in my coffers. Eduard gives you a PE part that’s fairly basic, but I have references and can do it up proper. The camera remains a mystery- I have a jpeg of an Nth generation xerox of the camera- it’s a black blob, but with notations. It’ points to a “90 degree optical erector”, but I can’t findany info on a camera accessory like that. It would explain why the camera is mounted in front of the IP, but has a square hole in the glare shield to allow a ‘periscope’ to film through the windshield. Any help, camera bugs?

Well, friends- sit down to tale of modeling adventure, styrene feats of derring-do and cold brass tragedy… if you dare!


Wow Chuk!
I’m looking from my phone right now, but will check it out on the PC later. Amazing!

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Very impressive brass work, those hydraulic lines in the wheel bay are exquisite! Looking forward to the next installment :+1:


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Thanks, Mark!

Appreciate it, Minux- those lines are a simplification of the real deal. The only references I have are of restored planes an who knows how those systems were modified/repaired/whatever- I think they get the job done.

Dude, your a mad scientist genius. A problem I ran into building my Mohawk was that the Quickboost nacelles I got did not match up with the kit parts, they were a bit undersized, I will have to unshelf this kit and revisit this issue, but first I must finish a Skyraider. On another note were you able to solve the camera periscope issue?

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Thanks, bud! My parts fit pretty well- resin is so strange and shrinky some times! I may need to sand the kit part a bit- and I’ll see how the Black Dog parts fit when that rubber hits the road- cheers!

Hello Chuck, have you made any progress on this beastie?, the anticipation of your next posting of pics is killing me.

Thanks, Treadstone! I’ve just started episode 4- please remain seated! :smiley:

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