By JOVe! Grumman's toothy Mohawk JOV-1A

Hello Chuck, I hope all is well with you, I know its a bit late on a Friday night, but I was wondering if you have made any progress on the ol Mohawk as of late.

Hello, my friend! I’ve been busy with a little project for Models For Ukraine Vol II- I’ve illustrated the cover and built Roden’s 1/48 Junkers JI (lange) as a chapter. It’s at the printer’s now, but you can pre-order at Inside the, and help our beleaguered friends in the face of deadly evil. I’ve been back at the Mohawk and making progress. The fuse is closed and the seats are in process of being painted. I hope to have an update soon- thank you for your patience, and I hope you are well!


Here’s a preview of the seats- painted, glossed and washed. I need to remove the yellow survival pack handles- these early Martin Baker F5B’s didn’t have them. I’m going to sit down to do that and then spray a flat coat.


Hello Chuck, glad to here that all is well with you and I look forward to the next installment of o’l Mohawk. Not to politicize this or any other thread but more power to the Ukrainian’s.

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Hi Chuck,

Pretty good representation on the MB Mk-J5 seat.

The later seat mod Mk-J5D changed out the chute pack and cushions. the Mohawk never got rockets installed, but instead got a “Tip Compensating Rocket” that kept the seat from tumbling.

While the seat frame was retained, a lot of the fidally bits were replaced.

I managed to pick up a maintenance manual for the Mk-J5 seat when I was stationed at Ft Hook in the mid 70’s. I’ll post the Mk-J5D shot I took at Chanute AFB in Jan 91. Chanute was the location of the USAF Egress Technician training.

I’m not sure when they upgraded the OV-1 seats to the J5D standard, but into the 70’s they kept the Mk-J5 configuration. I think the seats were upgraded to the Mk-J5D configuration came about in the earl 80’s.

Mk-J5C & Mk-J5D info, Posted in the Reference section, Ejection Seats

Bryan Wilburn

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Many thanks! I have a copy of the User’s Manual for the early types that I based my pads, belts and so forth on. The kit contains the later style seats, with the fiberglass parachute shell. The base of the seat frame fits rather tightly in the cockpit Thanks to two layers of etch for each seat), so I omitted any detail below the windows and sanding off any frame detail as well!


If anyone still remembers, I’m back with this eternal build. Just had a great visit with my Optho and the old peepers are in pretty good shape. I’ve done this up special- for you!


wow, fantastic what you are gtting out of the Rhoden kit of one of my fav airplanes!


Glad your eyesight is back. Details are amazing and I always appreciate the small things, like dark yellow for the pull handles. These builds are always a treat.


By Jove,

You should be making a book of your builds! (if you are not already doing that).



Thanks, everybody! As far a as book goes, let’s just say that’s currently in the works. :wink:


Not to mention, a calendar featuring your pin-ups! :calendar:

—mike :heart_eyes: