By Request: Hasegawa 1/48 F6F-3 Hellcat FAA Mk I

Howdy folks.

Recently, I asked on this forum for help sourcing some British markings for the above titled aircraft. In very short order, I was contacted by Panzer_modeler saying he had some I could have if I wanted. I was quite grateful and readily accepted. His only condition (if one could call it that) was he requested I do a post about the project. I agreed, post haste! Thanks again for the decals, my friend!

I also have to give credit where credit is due and acknowlege HGBARNES, a friend for some time now, that gave me an additional “push” to do a build log of sorts. So, here we go!

First, the kit. The Hasegawa 1/48 F6F-3 Hellcat, kit number JT34. The kit was given to me by one Eric Davenport. This will be my first ever Hasegawa kit in almost fifty years of off and on model building.

My plan is to build it straight from the box with no aftermarket or additions. I’ll be using my usual materials and supplies which include various acrylics for brush painting, Tamiya acrylics for some of the airbrush work, Tamiya Extra Thin and Testors Model Master Liquid cements, Ammo by MIG black CA glue where needed and Badger Stynylrez primers (which include Ammo One Shot). My one deviation from my usual preferred airbrush paint, the Tamiya acrylic line, will be the use of Mr. Hobby Aqueous acrylics for the three main fuselage colors. This will be my first time using them, so I’m looking forward to seeing how they work out.

So, there is the first post to this build series. Stay tuned for the next installment, coming to a forum near you!


Ok. An update a long time coming. I got so caught up in this kit, time slipped away and here I am.
In short, this is a great kit. It has gone together quite well and I’ve really enjoyed it. Up to this point there hasn’t been any surprises, so not much to talk about.
Here is a pic of it ready for final primer.
Hasegawa F6F-3 project 3 by Brett Grogan, on Flickr

As you can probably see, I shot a bit of primer on the seams to check for any spots that needed attention. There were a few minor ones, that were easily cleaned up.
Here is a closeup of some of the seamline I needed to address, which also shows the cockpit.
Hasegawa f6f-3 3 by Brett Grogan, on Flickr

Another from the back angle.
Hasegawa f6f-3 3 by Brett Grogan, on Flickr

Next time, paint and the finished result.


I dont know how I missed this build!
Looks great so far, cant wait for paint!

The Corsair used to be my favorite prop and maybe it still is but the Hellcat is catching up quickly with those sleek lines. Look forward to seeing more of your build.

Good start with your Mk. I, Brett. You’re further with your build than I am with both my FAA Hellcats. Will follow with interest. What paint scheme do you intend to do? Mine will be JV132

Enjoy your build!
Torsten :beer:

Thanks folks!
BlackWidow, I’m not sure what scheme I’m doing… I’m going purely off of the decals that Panzer_modeler sent to me (thanks again, by the way!)
My knowledge of British aircraft colors is just about zero. especially FAA stuff.

Brett, as you build a Mk. I, it can only be in Extra Dark Sea Grey/Dark Slate Grey for the upperside and Sky on the underside. Don’t know what paint brand you use but if you’re interested, I could scan the painting instructions (A4) of my Eduard Hellcats and send them to you. Just let me know and if yes, I would need your e-mail adress. You can also have a look at my build blog if you like.

Happy modelling!
Torsten :wave:

Watching with great interest! I recently acquired the same kit and was excited to work on it but I found out to my horror that the decals had already thoroughly yellowed. I’ll have to either scrounge for spares or get AM. In the mean time, good luck with yours!