There was recently a thread on the Armor side re: are you a painter or a modeler. I guess i fall into the painter category. This is a portion of my decades long collection of brass that I am now finishing and disposing of. Didn’t quite imagine retirement this way but I do enjoy the process.


An On30 contribution:
Repainted & Re-lettered Bachmann Cab.


Tim I very much like that first weathered GN Caboose you posted!
(They are all great but that one is my favorite!)

p.s. Now also retired ~ Volunteering at a local “All Trains” Mom & Pop Hobbyshop. I want to help keep them in business just as long as I can!

No room now for a layout so I get my “Modeling Kicks” doing both Armor and building/repairing cars and structures for the shop. (At least it lets me now be an “All Scales” modeler!" ~ Working in everything from N to F.)

Thanks Mike. Weathering kind of depends where they are going. My own stuff runs closer to the DRGW cars I posted on the rolling stock thread. A friend of mine took the photos for me prior to disposing of the cars. I’ll have to ask him to photograph some of the equipment I will keep.


This F Scale beauty was not mine but it rested in my care for just a few days before going to its’ new happy owners.


Very nice collection! It saddened me to see trains go from having a caboose to having an ETD instead.

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What method of disposal are you actuating with these models?

These along w/several others went on e-Bay last year. Currently I have a few cars on consignment at a local hobby shop. The total collection was 250+ brass cabooses of which I will keep about 50. 40+ have already gone to new owners and I am in the long process of finishing the balance to sell off.

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ok, you mean selling. cool

My first and only O-scale rolling stock, so-far. A conversion from a Bay Window Caboose.

UP25831 Shoving Platform


Love the conversion, hate the graphity.


A few more:


Really like the Wagon Top Cab!


Thanks :grin:

I like that UP25842 :star_struck:

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And the final cars from that batch. Currently have another 2 dozen on the bench.


All I did was paint mine. You put some real effort into yours!!!

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The ETD is, or at least was long ago, also called “Fred”: Freight Rear End Device. I’ve been compared to a rear-end before, usually as a horse or a mule or something.

Tim, wow, you’re a master. What brand of paint(s) do you use? That Grand Trunk ‘crummy’ certainly does not look crummy, abd it about blew my eyes out when I saw it on my screen. I had to lower the brightness of my screen! Is that a fluorescent orange?? I love that Milwaukee rib side caboose oh, too. You had quite a collection. I’m envious.