California national guard 2003 and 101st Airborne Op. Anaconda

Here’s the National guard figure made from trumpeter, tamiya, and legend parts while the straps are just strips of photo etch. The female head is from hornet, but they are sculpted bald, so I used sprue shavings to sculpt the hair. Sorry for some of the blur on the pictures.

Here’s my 101st Op. Anaconda guy made with trumpeter, tamiya, legends, afv club, and some pe. Just noticed some mould lines and plan on redoing the priming. Still haven’t found the right head for him though.


First, welcome aboard, those are some impressive figures.

Second, we have group builds called campaigns on this site and we just started one for figures.

Please check it out and if interested you welcome to participate. As the campaign moderator, I would allow either one of those to used (only need one to enter, but can more if you like) or you can bring something new.

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Welcome! Nice stuff.


Brilliant idea for the hair! That’s coming together nicely.


Top rate figure work there- you have managed to bring all the parts together to create two well posed figs.

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As said above… very cool hair sculpting! Nice job so far. And a nice tip of the hat to our female Guard.

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