Camaro at Le Mans

I found this video recently of Hendrick Motorsports testing a hybrid Camaro at Sebring for the 2023 24 Hours at Le Mans. I have no idea what class it will race in as they’ve changed the classes up, but it’ll be interesting to see how it does.



It’s either LM GTE Pro, or LM GTE

Aren’t these the classes that are going away in favor of the GT3 class? If the Camaro races in GT3, that’ll be an interesting class. Lots of different cars in that one.


I think it will only in 2024.
For this year, these are the specs for each Class:

I was recently in contact with Jim Rogers at Salvinos JR Models about the possibility of them releasing their new NASCAR Camaro as this Garage 56 Camaro ZL1, and although it doesn’t look promising that they’ll actually release a kit of this car I don’t think that it’s out of the realm of possibility. Here is a drawing that Jim sent to me.

Since this car was a one-off, and NASCAR will not be entering a car full time in the GT3 class (although that would be cool), I don’t see a kit of this car happening, even though the Camaro is raced in the GT class. However, Jim does offer all of the parts shown (including the steering wheel) as a 3-D printed conversion kit. The kit includes the taillights, but no headlights; and the Garage 56 Decals are not available yet. Maybe Indycals? Who knows. Here is a review video of the 3-D parts (review starts at 2:40):


Recently discovered that 3 Amigos offers the Garage 56 Camaro decals:

3 Amigos Decals #24 GARAGE 56 2023 CAMARO 24 HOURS OF LE MANS Decal Se – Print it Decals

Maybe we’ll see the headlights soon?