Campaign & group build streamlining

I have been looking at all the campaigns upcoming and complete. I notice when i click on “about this campaign” i can read a discription of the campaign and that’s it, no other info. the old site when a campaign started you were given the start date, end date and a list of what is allowed and what is not, if a started kit was allowed and to what extent and so on . for example i found the Guadalcanal campaign i am interested in but when i click on about the campaign there is no start/finish date, just a brief description of the history of the battle and that the campaing is to commemorate the anniversary. then i notice the campaign thread above it. it has all that info. this is confusing and un needed in my opinion. especially that the “about campaign” description is included in the thread. we neen to streamline this, just one thread including at the very start the info builders are looking for, not break it down into several unnecessary headings. other campaigns have even more than two topics on their topic headding. i suggest we develop a basic structure for the campain page. 1 click on campaign and group builds 2 scroll down and pick and click a campaign 3 right there all the info you need to know description, start/end, rules and then the sign up buttons- going,interested,not going- that’s it. and this is sop for every topic. for example use curvy tanks campaing for the example. you scroll down, click on curvy tanks and it opens to one option to click and that has at the very top the info we need. no searching several threads. that one is done right and should be the model to follow. can we please streamline the process to this? i think it makes sense and will get more people involved simply because info will be easier to find.
thanks -joe