Can't Access the Armorama Archives through my phone (Android) using the internet

Meet a fellow yesterday at Waffle House who served on the telemetry crew during the development of the B-58 Hustler.

I wanted to show him some photos of the B-58 that I posted regarding the US Air Force Museum in Dayton. This post is now of an age that they have now been relegated to the archives.
Much to my surprise I could not find or access these archives nor could I locate either the B-58 or the archives themselves using the search function.

By the way I feel this post should be more correctly placed under the site discussion header but for whatever reason the “Create New Topic” button is grayed out on my computer.

I try (usually) to make frequent observations regarding the operation of this site but in this particular case you can certainly classify this as a “complaint.”

I feel certain Robin will reply by showing me some alternate “secret” way to access the Archives but why is it not simply "where it is “supposed” to be?

Did you try searching for this text:
Experimental B-58 clam shell escape pod

Took me all of 2 minutes to find those photos
Dayton isn’t mentioned in the post.
Not Wright-Patterson either,
Wright-Pat is included in the text though

Third search result from the top, if I had bothered to type
Aeroscale it would have been the first result.

Smoking Gun GIFs | Tenor


On the B-58 topic I once read an article by one of the test engineers for the escape pods, where they used sedated bears as test-pilots when firing capsules from the rocket sled. The best bit was him saying he strapped the fully-grown bear in, secure in the knowledge that he wasn’t the poor sap that had to open it down-range! I’m not sure how much tranquiliser it would take to overcome the bear’s sudden adrenaline rush, but I suspect the answer is “never enough”…

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Had absolutely NO problem finding it once home on my computer but on the phone search all it showed me were post-Discourse listings

whem I ask Google about
“aeroscale B-58 165thspc”
on my trusty old Samsung Galaxy S8
the link to ‘Building Italeris 1/72 Hustler’ is the first
Running Android and using Samsungs internet-app (wonky or not, haven’t tested)
I am not using Googles own app.

Maybe my Google-Fu is stronger than yours …

Maybe that’s it.