CEC YT-1300 Millennium Falcon by Bandai

At what point does the obsession take over and you start looking for an asteroid to build into a 1/72 Death Star? Lots of greeblies, many tons of gray paint.


Thank you men.
In fact, the tiles from ILM were my starting point when creating individual structures.
The quarter circle and the truncated pyramid are examples of this. You can actually download the tiles for the Death Star as a print file online.
Mainly, as you can see in the nice link, I rejected the tiles because, firstly, it was all repeated too often and secondly, I didn’t like the gap between the tiles.
And as I started refining the rough structures, an obsession might develop and I start thinking about an asteroid. :joy:
But first let’s get on with the tons of greebles.

The right side also received its appropriate framework.

And further connections from the middle to the lower level.