Centurions: Fist of the Empire

The canister on the fender is from the set, did you mount yours?

Be wary of that … anything on the rear plate will be covered with a dust layer over time :+1:

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Yes, there is one canister for the fender and one for the turret, check the leather straps to recognize which goes on the fender and which one goes on the turret

Some tanks have them in the camo color, some don’t. Dust will cover those as posted above though.

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I mean, are they from the set or did you make extra canisters and strips yourself?

From the set

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Started on some detail painting and the base coats.
The shovel, pick heads, crow bar etc were done with cold iron, will highlight those with AK steel pigments or graphite.
Canvas/ tarps were olive green and one with flat earth and khaki mix. Not sure if the wooden crate will stay on the FRH running board.

Track links are just placed on the air box for moment… Not sure if I will use them. Not sure whether to have one Jerry can on the RRH mudguard or have both on the turret basket ?

Have also lightened the canvas mantlet, hopefully you can pick out the variation. I just dry brushed XF55 deck tan over it, but left some of the AK Sinai Grey showing.

Need to look for some all over turret close ups in colour if I can find them to identify specific colours on the IDF wagons as these are not my normal wagons, so a bit unsure of some things … Thank god for Google … (And Nikos and Israel :grin:)


Colors are looking superb John!

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Thanks Matt as always…

I did another shot of the mantlet cover so you get a better idea of the way it looks a bit more aged and bleached that the rest. …


Subtle perfection!

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Well done John, looking splendid!

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Thanks Israel and Matt… However I have made a huge cock up… Biblical… And I am so p****d with myself…

The wheels… I will admit to not even reading the instructions on how they should go on…

I put (and glued firmly) the 4 center wheels on each side… Only to realise today that …

I put them on reversed and only realised when the very front went on the correct way … Arghhhhhh :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
No way out of it and I don’t have the time to rectify it…I just stupidly assumed the raised center parts on the wheels faced outwards…

So, I am now in the process of sanding back the raised back area of each of the wheel hubs do they don’t stick out as much…

Hopefully I can get them looking ok …

Gutted though, it was all going so well…

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@Johnnych01 In this kiind of situations glue is your friend and worst enemy. You can use the glue as a debonder and remove the wheels. Do not use too much, put some in the hubs and maybe in the back where the axle is, wait a couple of minutes and try to remove the wheels. I think you can do it.

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Oh S**t! So sorry John!

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I’ve used this method more times than I care to admit. Seems to work for me about 80% of the time. Good luck.

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I feel your pain. I put the front axle for a Meng Magach 6B GAL upside down and could not get the fenders on…

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Rapidly getting to my favourite part the painting.


Too lazy to read through the thread to find the info. Who make the kit you are building. Does not look like an AFV offering. Amusing Hobby perhaps? I really like the look of it. :+1: :+1: Thanks.

Sorry not sure if your question is directed at me.
If it is my build its an Amusing Hobby kit.

Thanks. Looks like a fine kit. Painting and weathering is my favorite part as well.