Centurions: Fist of the Empire

I think only the Dalet had it.


Thanks Israel… Looks like it’s snipper time :grin:

Thanks Colin. I have to say, I’m quite liking these Amusing Hobby kits …

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And gone …:grin:

Time to prime and paint again :+1:



Dusty tracks yes, rusty no!!



The muzzle reference indicator is removable, so either way you do it is correct.

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Nikos, is that a mine plow on the second photo from bottom?

oh yes, display for foreign sales I think

Possibly, I’ve never seen this application before. Do you happen to have a photo of it in raised position?

Thanks again Nikos, and also for the colour images … great help … Cheers :+1:

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The fourth photo from the bottom is very interesting as it shows two different vehicle markings (‘3’ and ‘2 Bet’) belonging to different platoons (2nd and 3rd) on the same tank. I don’t recall seeing anything like this before.

Since the ‘2 Bet’ seems to be painted on the stowage box and the ‘3’ on canvas, I’d say this vehicle, originally belonging to the senior TC of the second platoon, was reassigned as the command vehicle of the third platoon (‘3’ painted on the flak jacket of the TC, so it’s definitely an officers tank now). Why they didn’t paint over the original marking (or at least covered it with that of the ‘3’) is beyond me.

In addition, does anyone know what that large box is attached to the rear plate?

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Not sure but it looks like it has a slave lead or at least a very large electrical connection going into it, and that the box itself looks like it’s mounted onto a frame that connects to the rear plate ?

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The box is an Auxiliart power unit, seen on early 90’s vehicles like the 6B Gal and the Shot Kal Gimel or Dalet


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What is it for? :thinking:

For having electrical power without starting the engine of the tank. It is a small generator

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Not on a centurion, no, but on Magach 6R and 6B and 6B Gal yes. Do you want some?

Thx! :ok_hand:

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I managed to add some bits and pieces to my Gimel. I am currently trying to find out how they mounted the spare track links on the air cleaners so as to add these on my tank.


You have got that looking really nice Nikos. Looking at yours and it being a Gimel, from all the spares I had left on the sprues from mine, I think I could of made mine into a Gimel. It may of needed a few bits but I’m sure most were there…

Some good images there thank you.
In two pictures it looks like the spare tracks at the rear are painted along with the tank the same colour?