Centurions. "It's not just a British thing"

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Centurion " It’s not just a British thing". This is a simple build for rules , any Centurion as long as it does not have British markings. All Commonwealth countries allowed.
Kit can be new - unopened or partial or fully built - as long as it is not in British homeland markings.
Prototype and drawing board variants are acceptable.
Also yes for the figure people a Roman Centurion is ok.
Initial picture of kit as it is, either in the box or what it looks like now if its built.
Lots of progress pics during the build and paint phase.
Do as many kits as you like.
Dio bases are welcome but not essential.
Scratch build is encouraged but not necessary…Make it unique… Have fun.
Start date is August 1st 2021 until August 1st 2022. That is a year and a day .
If you are planning to join please say so .

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I will be building for this.

Chris before the questions start flying in, you may need to grind down what sort of build you would like within the rules…like …

.Unstarted kits only or will you allow very partially started kits etc ?

.Gun tanks only or anything with a centurion chassis. ?

There will probably be other questions asked… John

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@Johnnych01 . Any Centurion chassis including experimental is acceptable. Kit can be started , but no more than 25%.

There was a experimental destroyer chassis that resembles a Bishop uper structure. It is kitted in 1/72 scale . It would be awesome to see that done .

What about paper panzers? If so it is very tempting to jump on with the Canadian variant of this monster


Im in with this!

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Ezra some how I knew we could count on you . Thank you for joining.

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@Mead93 . That is the one I was referring to , I didnt know afv did it . Only thought it available in 1/72 scale .

Thanks for jumping in guys … This is helping to serve my recently developed addiction to British steel.
I wont even get into the WW1 addiction that’s forming .

Perfect. Think I’ll jump in! I’ll have to wait to get the kit though so won’t start in august. Maybe December

I really like making the obscure stuff


I am leaning towards a mk III or mk V. That way I can do SADF markings .


I may be taking on a real challenge here, but I am looking at scratchbuilding this:

Australia sent 2 of their Centurion Bridge layers to Vietnam. I have had the fortune to climb all over (several times), photograph and measure up one of them.
This is me in the safety vest on the left. a still from a youtube video.

The only fully operational one in the world… sadly went up for auction recently - I have not been game enough to find out if it sold…

This project idea has been on simmer for 2 years now while I built up the courage to start. This will be a good opportunity to get that push.

If I wimp out, it will be a straight forward Mk5/2 from Australia, or a Nagmachon, or an Israeli Puma, or…



I like the idea of a bridge layer. It takes some big brass ones to want that. Just having measurements is big brass balls.
With that type of build there is no such thing as chickening out . It is more like probing the enemy prior to the full assault

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Who needs money anyway…. Or shelf space.

I’m in. I’ve been wanting to do one for ages. Ill either do a Canadian one in Germany in the 60s or maybe paint something brown for a change and do up a Jordanian model.

I’ll probably be a later start though so I can concentrate on the C1 I’m starting for the Canadian campaign.

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Outstanding . Another added to the ranks.

So far there is 5 of us .

Chris, although Cents are a wagon that I wouldnt normally do … I will lend my support … so its now 6. I wont be starting it until at least Oct; prob Nov, and no idea what I will be doing, but it will probably be a variant and not a gun tank. :+1:

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I’m excited for this one, been wanting to do something on the centurion chassis for a while, glad someone has made the FV4005 in styrene. The gun on it is a monster, I look forward to building it

I wish I had a proper conversion kit for this. I would love to do the Olifant Mk1A. I just hope that AFV Club or Amusing Hobby do a plastic version at some point.

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