Centurions. "It's not just a British thing"

Don’t forget this option for the FV4005:

or this one:


Yeah. Sadly only the 1B available, and that is Horror Boss… I have not been pleased by the 4 of their kits I have built so far. The only decent HB kit I have done is an old Tristar mould anyway…

Anyone else up for a scratchbuild challenge?

The Jordanian Al-Dawser… recognise the running gear?
The al-Dawsar heavy armoured personnel carrier (APC) is a heavy armoured personnel carrier which is a conversion of the Centurion main battle tank it has a crew of two and provides accommodation for 7 troops.

They also had another interesting modification:


@petbat. You had my attention at scratch build challenge. :thinking:

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Chris, you may want to adjust the rules a bit if you are going to allow that and people want to build it as its a “What if” in reality and only British … ?

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Yes . I dont think that is going to be allowed , but it does get my attention for a future build.

You guys did notice this on the AFV Box didn’t you?

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Good spot Peter, I missed that one … to busy looking at the wagon :+1:

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I saw that . I thought you were referring to the IDF vehicle

Yeah only reason I asked about FV4005 is I know it was a paper panzer so the Canadian. Australian and New Zealand marking are a bit of a stretch.

If we don’t want to allow it I am okay with that

I am sorry you have had a bad experience with Hobby Boss. Mine has been good. Their Rooikat was a pleasure to build and I have built several of their submarines. I have read the only real issue with the Mk1B is the tracks and the gun barrel and they are manageable issues.

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Im ok with that one . Because its a paper panzer you could technically use any marking you wanted and go crazy with the build.

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Cool! I think it’s really interesting if not comical vehicle.

The massive KV-2 style turret, and massive 183 mm gun looks hilarious on the centurion hull

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Thanks! That gun looks enormous next to him

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Don’t get me wrong, I know accuracy is not the strong suit of a lot of manufacturers and I am not scared of a little (lot) of work. I still have a few HB in the stash and recently bought more, the Rooikat one of them. Just not my manufacturer of choice based on past experience.

Maybe their newer kits are better, but the older ones just show lack of attention:

  • Their SdKfz 254 is out of proportion at the rear and lacks correct detail - it is like they left out a whole sprue for the frame bracing and other detail at the rear and all the tool clamp positions are wrong, etc. -
  • Their GMC truck cab is out of proportion and noticeably so to the naked eye and generally the whole kit lacks fine detail.
  • The upper hull of their CV9035 is way off accurate and the wheels have a fictional patterning.
  • The Dana, well that was a virtual rebuild it was so bad.

But then again, maybe I expect too much these days!

Proposed group build for Centurions . There are a metric ton of Centurion kits mostly from AFV.
The rules for the build are simple , any Centurion as long as it is not in British markings . All of the commonwealth countries are acceptable. The idea is Centurions in foreign service .
Start date would be August 1st 2021 to August 1st 2022 . That is a year and a day.
Aftermarket and scratch build is acceptable .
The image shows a list of commonwealth countries.


Hi Chris,
I moved this from the Uncategorized forum to the Staging one. Can you review and edit this proposal according to this format please? How to Start New Group Builds / Campaigns


Since a Roman Centurion would be allowed, am I correct assuming an :israel: Israeli or :jordan: Jordanian Centurion would be allowed despite neither being Common Wealth members?

Hobby Boss? I’ve heard one modeler joke that’s basically “remedial training school” for Trumpeter employees on job performance write up.

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Wade . I will be hitting you up to help me sort through the correct format.
As a token of appreciation I will even name my next empty model box after you …lmbo

Hmm… this allowed?

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