Challenger 1 mk3 Desert Storm

Building another 17/21st Lancers Regimental Wagon.

Several tanks were attached to the Queens Royal Irish Hussars as D Squadron.

Star Decals did a set (35-846) and one of the tanks is Then LT Purbricks tank (Black 40) however they didn’t have any pictures of the right side of the turret.

I borrowed these pictures taken by now LT Colonel Purbrick for reference of his tank. And I did show them to Star Decals who said they would update the decal set.


I have the Tamiya Chally 1 mk 3 enroute
I also have several Scorpion Miniature models update sets enroute.


Is that a Challenger fitted with a dozer blade in the background of the last photo?

Yes it is

First I’ve ever seen from the Gulf, that will make an interesting model

They would probably would have been few and far between. The top and bottom images are the same and it looks like the Cr1s are in a larger force lay over/ lay up area with other nationalities. The dozer Cr1 is from another Sqn by the looks of it. The 2 middle images are all the same troop in either a lay up area or carrying out low level Tp training

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I did wonder, although the c/s placement is not identical within the troop, the only one I can make out is the chevron on the TOGS housing the rest are covered by the Bivvy, it seems to have chobham on the side but missing the rear plate, obviously no armour on the front. I’m not modelling a specific tank (although technically it is very specific) it will look good alongside a REME 432.

@Johnnych01 @Simon_Barnes

D Squadron of the Queens Royal Irish Hussars was an Ad Hoc unit put together to round out the entire unit. It was made of of tanks and troopers of the 17th/21st Lancers, the Royal Tank Regiment, and the QRIH.

LT Col Purbrick stated in his presentation that when they stepped off they didn’t have the nose ERA, but had it by the end of the war. They also broke out the Hi vis panels and UK flags towards the end of the charge.

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And the middle 2 images look to be before the offensive started and probably low level Tac troop training, as none of them have the front armour packs on, but in the first and last image, 40 now has that armour fitted.
Also, the 40 C/S has what appears to be a desert rat and some writing on the very front of the RH 2nd side skirt which is absent from the 2 middle images.

I did think the dozer wagon had an A Sqn TAC sign on the barbette side, but it could be a chevron, I cant zoom in close enough to see. I wouldnt worry about the rear plate being missing, it would either be off for maint, or they lost it. It would definitely have the add on armour side skirts though.

Yeah I know about what units went to who, it was more about the dozer tank really.

And the front armour pack now makes sense as there were some delays in getting it all fitted in time.

Yes I was specifically on about the dozer tank (didn’t even notice the missing nose armour in the other photos) but with the blade fitted you couldn’t put nose armour on.

I have to say the Chally 1 mk3 is one of my favorite tanks. Love the lines and the way it sits. It just looks like it is ready to pounce. I have built 2 of these and am thinking about a 3rd.

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Dont think … Do !! :grin: … I am thinking of bumping my Cr1 up the build list so I can redo my 42 C/S … :+1:


Don’t think….do…as someone said. :sunglasses:


lol …smartarse … but true … just looking at PE for it and indi tracks lol


And down the rabbit hole he goes…again…




And away we go…

Accurate Armour 1/35 Dozer Blade for Challenger 1 & 2. (A032).


Excellent will pull up a chair for this .

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You were talking about this decal set, right?

Picture 1 of 2

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Armor in the desert from Afrika Korps to the modern day has always been my painting nemesis, so please bear with me, and before you remind me, I do understand the tricks light and camera play on paint jobs.

Looking at a couple of the photos, the kit box art, and the print of the decal sheet it appears that Vallejo Desert Yellow might be a pretty fair match for the Challenger 1 in Desert Storm. Other photos suggest that the color may be much lighter. The lighter color is also consistent with the photos I have in a pictorial book in my library published just after the conclusion of those hostilities,

With all that as preamble, I intend to purchase the Tamiya kit tomorrow, and am wondering what color you fellows would recommend? I do not have an airbrush and any straying I do in from a rattle can. Vallejo is my preference in paint. I use Army Painter on occasion, and avoid Tamiya spray cans like the plague.

Thanks for your consideration.