Challenger 2 BATUS Query

Does anyone know when the Challenger 2s at BATUS were given their new overall sand colour, replacing their earlier sand/NATO green scheme?



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Well, they were certainly in plain sand overall back in 2011 when my lad was out here.

Paul, I mentioned this in another thread, that I’m pretty sure they are back to 2 tone cam of green and sand.
I think the sand only scheme was just a policy shift at the time, ( or a QM after his MBE by cost cutting and trying to save money on paint :grin:) and they went to sand only around early 2011 before the medman exercises began and stayed that way until about 2016. Then reverted back to green and sand.
I can try and definitely confirm that next week when I’m back on duty next Thursday and I will contact someone I now know on the BATUS range staff.

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Thanks for that … probably explains why relatively few
photographs show the Ch2 in overall sand at BATUS.


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Aha; Paul, I have a selection of pics showing just that - ie my son’s Chally’s in BATUS 2011.

If you send me your personal email - assuming you don’t mind - by PM wthin the Armorama system - I’ll send you what I have.

Yes that is right. In winter of 2010 all the vehicles at BATUS got a fresh coat of all over sand. Then over the winter of 2015 they reverted back to the Sand and NATO Green. For a time you could see some vehicles just with the sand but most of the armoured vehicles had the two colours on them. At times over the summers you would also see the augmentation vehicles from the UK in green or black and green. These vehicles would arrive in early spring and go back to the UK in the late fall.
Cheers :beers:


Back in late '21, Andy had a sale going on and I added the RFM CH2 to my order.
I was lacking modern armor too. Wow! I sure am glad I did. Kit looks great!

Interesting thread as I am trying to decide on a color scheme. RFM has decals for the over all sand scheme and that is what I am leaning towards, but green & sand? I like it.

Green and sand Ch2 are also used as UK based OPFOR wagons on SPTA, just no black backing to the C/S or front Boz plate zap numbers.

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Thank you Johnny.
Much appreciated.