Challenger 2 TES Megatron, RFM 5039, 1/35

Here is my last finished build, RFMs Challenger 2 TES. Scale 1/35. Also i use the RFM Upgade solution 2001. Soldering the Slat Armor was no pleasure. For painting i use Vallejo and Ammo of MIG colors.
The kit fits together very well.


Oh yes, I like it. The footprints are an interesting focal point.


Very nice Roland. Lovely finish. What is the kits slatted Armour like compared to the RFM PE set ?

@Kleber, Roland the tank looks very spiffy with the base & flag. Excellent composition. Nicely done!

Anything to watch out for when buildthe RFM Challenger?

Very clever call sign for a model builder :wink:

Excellent job on that Challenger!


it is a little bit thicker.
I think the PE slat armor is not absolutely necessary.


not here, but i can post some pics.

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Wow that came great! Excellent finish love the boot prints and weathering.

Awesome work! I really like the footprints - really neat little detail.

Sounds good, looking forward to pictures. Thank you

Very nicely done indeed!

Looking forward to work in progress pics, as I am working on the standard RFM Challenger 2 just now. I can see you have improved on the kit with the bird cage antenna, would be interested to see what else you have finessed.

Cheers, Jim.

Very neat build there Kleber…but shouldn’t the lettering say MBT…as in Main Battle Tank…? The weathering is spot on along with a nice base…Well done…!

@ unclepine,
you got me… :grinning: You are the first who see it…MBT, MTB, i think too fast writing…

Some pics of the build. Have fun.

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Ready for the paints…


@Kleber, Roland thank you for the build pics!

Roland, when you were putting the PE slatted armour together for the hull lower rear and turret did you have issues with it ? I looked at the set I have and it looks very intricate … The build images look great … And very helpful :+1:

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Yes, it is better to attach the armor to the brackets and then attach to the model. Not like I did. Adjustments are necessary.


5 min before painting. :innocent: