Challenger 3 Update

I don’t think the earlier resin conversion allowed for the beefed up frontal hull armor.


Great article. That thing looks humungus. It’s even beefier than previous models. And it could get to 82 tons or so with any add on armor? Amazing.


Interesting stuff. To me it looks like the “lets make it look as aggressive as f**k” crew got their way in the design stages.


Is the funding allocated for it?

Hah! I doubt it given the Army’s enthusiasm for all DEI stuff (Diversity, Equality, Inclusivity); after all, we don’t want anyone to be offended do we?

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There seems to be a tendency to say this tank is getting an upgrade and then cancel the upgrade depending on what govt is in charge at the moment.
Will tank transportors or military bridges be able to handle the weight?

God knows Dan; it breaks my heart to see the state of the Army these days, well, the armed forces writ large. Stripped to the bone, discipline a dirty word and the predations of woke-ism turned into statute.

I doubt we’ll ever see Challenger 3.

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We are just preparing for our own future meat waves. If you down size to much, you do not have the volume of experienced people when the need arises so you take a few years to train up or you just go with no experience.


Sort of like our nuclear energy program.


From last November-

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Simple argument. Drones kill all vehicles so eliminate all vehicles. Go to foot soldiers only. Sort of like the Romans Legions. …Just like the Marines… :pensive:

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So what happens when one side shows up with tanks and a form of drone protection?

No problem. “Tanks” are obsolete they say. In fact the Marines have eliminated them. So if there are tanks you know it will not be the Marines you face. Therefore, that situation cannot arise. Drone protection is easy.
Anti drone arrows from the rear, shields to the front.

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Really? The article suggests the opposite actually. It was more likely to be shelved had Russia not invaded Ukraine. Now it seems more necessary than ever to upgrade the fleet.

The UK has announced a large increase in defence expenditure and recruitment.

I see a future need for small handheld anti-drone missiles,
two inch (at the most) diameter launch tube, range out to 1000 metres.
Visual and infrared homing, radar if it fits in the size restrictions.

IFV-variants acting as drone carriers with launch and recovery under “armour”.

Trophy or similar systems for point defense of armoured vehicles.
Semi-autonomous hunter-killer drones to chase away or destroy attack drones.

AI in drones, able to identify targets …

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