Chaos Space Marines

Well with my Space Marine army under way I thought I’d share my progress with my other army, these are World Eater Chaos Space Marines, a mix of plastic OOB, resin and mild conversions.

As stated this is in progress.
First a Blood Slaughterer Khorne daemon engine which was built for our sci-fi and what if campaign, together with a Red Butcher Terminator, these are complete except for bases and both resin kits from ForgeWorld.

Then we have the HQ units, Khârn the Betrayer and Zhufor the Impaler plus a Master of Execution.

And lastly an overview with a couple more Terminators, a Raptor and the mild conversion Khorne Berzerker champion and Icon of wrath holder at the back in undercoat.

Still working on the bases but found a company that do some that I think suit this army, so I’ll be ordering some to try, so this lot may be rebased once the bases arrive.


Well there has been some movement with the army but mainly just getting things primed. However some resin bases arrived so a few figures are now based.


Really nice examples here- eye catching paint work but those bases- they are just ace!

Thanks Karl I try my best, I like to think my army is between battle ready and parade standard finish, problem is at this rate it’s going to take me ages to get an army finished.

Ok last Monday before starting a week of night shifts I managed to get some work done on the torso, head and carapace of the Rampager Chaos Knight.
Going with a dirty/faded white scheme but with a nod to my Chaos space marine World Eaters army the knight will have blue shoulders like the Horus Heresy period World Eaters. So I will need to come up with my own custom traitor Knight household.


I like the work on that Knight- some very complex details you have picked out there nicely.

sure gives you the picture of sheer size of em’!

World Eater Terminators the ‘Red Butchers’ are making progress using a mixture of standard plastic Chaos Terminators plus replacement Lightning Claw arms. Plus ForgeWorld Horus Heresy era Red Butchers Terminator resin kits with kit bashed arms from the plastic kit to bring them inline with 40k.
The ones still being worked on are tacked with wood glue onto the bases while they are painted, once finished they will get skull bases like the one at the front.