Chaos Space Marines

Well with my Space Marine army under way I thought I’d share my progress with my other army, these are World Eater Chaos Space Marines, a mix of plastic OOB, resin and mild conversions.

As stated this is in progress.
First a Blood Slaughterer Khorne daemon engine which was built for our sci-fi and what if campaign, together with a Red Butcher Terminator, these are complete except for bases and both resin kits from ForgeWorld.

Then we have the HQ units, Khârn the Betrayer and Zhufor the Impaler plus a Master of Execution.

And lastly an overview with a couple more Terminators, a Raptor and the mild conversion Khorne Berzerker champion and Icon of wrath holder at the back in undercoat.

Still working on the bases but found a company that do some that I think suit this army, so I’ll be ordering some to try, so this lot may be rebased once the bases arrive.

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