Char 2C/ Vargas kit / Tortoise Patrern

As fate would have it , I saw the Vargas 3d printed Char 2C and had to have it.
I wanted to show the paint scheme now before it is filtered and finished . So before you start laughing as hard as I did about these colors , keep in mind this will get toned down dramatically . The most obscene of the colors is that bright green , once its filtered it will look like that odd shade of spanish olive.
Once the build is complete , I will give a full cerebral data dump on the kit . ( spoiler alert … Its all good )


I’m not laughing, it looks awesome!
Cant wait to see the finished result.

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Is 2C not the name for the super-heavy tank?

It is listed as a Peugeot Char 2C or just Char 2.

@Panzer_modeler . It is a super fast build , i have been playing at this kit while I work on the M18.

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Warhammer …
:wink: :grin:


Chris - this is fantastic! 'Really looking forward to the rest of this - keep it up! Inspirational.

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@Uncle-Heavy It would make a cool warhammer piece but no it is a WW1 French Char 2 Heavy assault tank

@BootsDMS . Thanks for the support. Im planning on making a trench to show this about to breach the top of said trench … Honestly this is a quick in between build .
Still have a few things to finish on the M18 and cant start the T55 campaign yet and waiting on the mexas which is inbound . So to make a long story short this is a fun quick build.

Yes the Char 2C is the Super Heavy. This is listed as the Char C2 here, but is should be just Peugeot Char sometimes with 1918 after the name…

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@petbat . Thank you for clarifying that. I was showing it the same as the box art.

Did this kit come with an anime girls crew?

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@barnslayer . No unfortunately not

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That blue really ties the kit together

Dan . I thought so also . it will all get toned down considerably.

I wish I could see the tank.

Looks like one of those Egg-tanks!
And I think thr bright blue and orange are rather onscene too.

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Yes, a little trap by following the kit manufacturer’s description/title …

I think there is another recent thread on that aspect here somewhere - "What do you call " or some such…

Often manufacturers make mistakes, make names up or adopt names that are incorrect.
The Renault FT is often called (incorrectly) the Renault FT17 by manufacturers. Tamiya adopted Hanomag for their SdKfz 251/1 - Hanomag was just one manufacturer, etc.

Often the catchier phrase is better than the real designation (and less to remember/print, e.g. ‘M40 GMC’ vs the more official designation ‘155 mm Gun Motor Carriage M40’.)

Remember these are the same people that can’t number parts in instructions properly, forget to add parts altogether or can’t seem to remember all the letters in the alphabet so they use the first few and the last few then do double letter sprues - Sprue A, Sprue B, Sprue Ab, Sprue Ac, Sprue A - blue A, Sprue A - black A, eventually Sprue E then a jump to sprue X, Y and Z … :roll_eyes:

Kind of reminds of the joke about how Roadies can’t count past 2:
“Check 1, Check 2. Check 1,2”

What a fantastic subject and the paintwork is just ace.

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@Yeahwiggie @Karl187 . fortunately it will get toned down .