Chevy '65 Foose Impala

When the team at the “On The Bench” podcast (based here in Melbourne) decided to take up the challenge and start an Auto Group Build a few weeks back, my plans for ONLY working on shelf queens this year went straight out the window. How could I say no ??? :sunglasses:
I had a dig around in the stash and settled on this kit, no surpise to you guys that another Chevy muscle car was about to hit the bench :rofl:

Started tinkering with cleaning up parts for sub assemblies. Interior tub test fit going well, lots of detail and opportunity for some cool upholstery patterns, then I spot a pair of ejector pin marks on the rear parcel shelf. Oh Revell :roll_eyes:

Sub Assemblies-R-Us :grin:

It’s a wild ride so it needs a bit of bling inside! Black Surfacer, masked off the black areas, Stainless Steel highlight painted and masked off, then Insignia Red fabric panels.

I decided that the mostly black interior was a bit gloomy so I hunted around for something a bit different for the floor carpet and lower door panels. More masking, thinned the Tamiya XF-22 with about 70% Mr Rapid Thinner so it dried fast and flat, cleaned out the airbrush then unmasked ! As always, some bleed spots to touch up but nothing major. I will detail paint the door handles and then give it a splash of Tamiya Black PLW to enhance the detail.

Cheers, D


Nice to see ya as it’s been far to long. Like I should talk as I’m just not the high KM Team member I use to be in my younger days.
Being more of a sports and race car kind of guy, I had no clue as to what a Foose Impala is or should I say was back in 1965, the year I graduated High School as a sad side note. Seems that it was a custom Chevy Impala chopped, shortened, lowered over a stretched Corvette chassis and drive train. Now that’s my kind of street Rod for sure.

The body color and finish is truly amazing on the real 1:1 car. I sure hope you follow suit as one just can’t beat perfection.
Doesn’t surprise me that Revell was just to lazy to flip the rear deck in the mold so that all the ejector pin marks were on the hidden side if possible. Love your treatment of the interior as it’s truly eye catching.



@Joel_W thank you my friend, this will be a fun build!

First shot of primer wet sanded out all of the dust and hairs and greeblies. Polished up with a soft cloth ready for second primer coat.

Lots of other parts cleaned up and primed but no pictures yet because they’re just all black.

Cheers, D


Second shot of Black Surfacer laid down and polished out, then the first top coat application. This is the first time I’ve attempted a metallic car body, definitely a learning curve here. Very fine scratches and tiny specks of dust showing through so a bit more work to do yet!

Also spent some more time on the sub assemblies and got the noisy bit pulled together.

Cheers, D


Hi folks. Another 2 weeks down the road and real life is still beating me around so little bench time :disappointed:

A little bit of progress to report, detail painting on the inner door panels ongoing . . . .

Engine assembly installed . . . .

Drive train and exhausts in place . . . .

And the ongoing paint - sand - polish - paint on the body is nearing a satisfactory conclusion . . . .

Once I’m happy with the body I will shoot it with Alclad Aqua Gloss to protect the metallic against my grubby oily fingers while I mask and set up for the chrome trims.

Cheers, D


Those interiors panels look great as does the body. Should look amazing when it all comes together.

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That is looking awesome D. :+1::+1:

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Those indoor panels look fantastic, D! :+1:

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Time to quit your job D - poverty is easier to bear if you’re building models while you starve - ask me how I know…

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Thanks for checking in folks, very much appreciated as always!

A little time at the bench today, some interior progress, added the console and rear seat chrome insert and did some more detail painting. Front seats are dry fitted. Almost ready to assemble now.

I also sprayed a couple of light coats of Alclad Aqua Gloss on the body and hood. Damn that stuff attracts dust :roll_eyes: :disappointed: Lots of gentle wet sanding and polishing in my near future I foresee :crazy_face:

Cheers, D


An hour or so of VERY gentle wet sanding and polishing and here we are . . . .

Happy with this as a base for pinstripe decals then a couple more coats of clear once they are cured :sunglasses:

Cheers, D


Noice! :+1::+1:

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Love the look of this. Some of the Foose cars are epic builds. really like the door cards and interior, super neat work :+1:

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Assembled the interior tub today, just need to make up my mind on the steering wheel colour. Thinking red to match the trim inserts.

Cheers, D


Eye catching 100%

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Stunning interior Damian, clearly the result of a lot of detailed and patient work!

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