Chieftain Mk11 Stillbrew

That is my thought too. Because that could be the only way to simulate the rifled look correctly.


Looking good John, :+1: :slightly_smiling_face:, though I don’t envy you on those tracks, I’d deffo go for the minimum I could get away with…but then I’m a lazy barsteward, :wink: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.

Is each track link made up of two pieces, i.e. track and pad, and do they just click together??

G, :beer:.


Ditto :grin:

They rather slot together not click, so they are not really workable in the real sense… glue was required … and yes, 2 pieces per link.

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L & R track sections together. Base primed with Halfords rattle can Matt black.
And a set of Churchill tracks primed as well.

Next will be a coat of Tamiya dark iron.


Just a heads up Johnny ref the SLRs etc
Ringo Resin SLRs that are a bit woolly,L85 is overscale but the gimpy is not to bad.
£1.29 for the rifles,2.29 for the gimpy.
There is definitely better stuff out there!



Cheers Ivan. They would be ok with a bit of paint on them and as background stowage etc. The SA80 looks really nice actually, just spoilt by having an iron sight on a gat with a picatinny rail set up fitted … should really be a SUSAT or LDS or ACOG. They even went to the trouble of researching the new plastic mags

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The SA80 is good it’s just a bit big,you could try emailing the company and suggesting fitting the sights?



Just to back track a bit: Italeri make a Modern Light Weapons Set which isn’t that bad; SMGs and SLRs (albeit ostensibly in FN guise but looks like an SLR to me):


They’ll need slings but that’s an easy enough fix.

For the Gimpy, Dragon’s Modern MG Set fits the bill, though might be a bit harder to find:

It also has the L4 converted Bren which is also very useful when it comes to Brit stuff.

Some of the resin stuff out there can be a bit clunky I find; personally, I find Italeri’s SLR to be very good. The carrying handle need to be re-located and there’s an extra cooling hole on the fore-grip which needs filling but that’s also an easy fix.

Anyway, just for info.


Gecko Modern British Army Weapon & Equipment Set is really good, the major downside is no GPMG’s in the set. Personally I’d have been happier with a few GPMG’s and fewer L119’s.

Better still if someone would make some A3’s and Virtus kit.


Yeah, the Gecko set has far to many L119s in it to represent normal troops, definitely geared to SF … Agree about A3s with LDS fitted, that would be good

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Thought I’d chuck some Tamiya NATO green on the hull…

Will begin weathering the tracks tomorrow and got them and the box plates on.


Allmost sad to see all that nice PE- and scratch work being covered in paint :smile:


Oh John that does look smooth. Didn’t realise you were this far - ready for paint.

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Just wanted to get the base green down on the hull as I was bored of looking at it half done … lots of bits to add yet then in depth detail painting …


It is Erik, but thats the down side sometimes … hopefully the finished result will still show the detail … and I know its there :grin: