Chris Bowling's 1/15 Scale Space Shuttle Atlantis

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The BattleScale Collectica Show


Chris and I worked on this project. He did most of the work. The model was a fiberglass 1:15 replica built by NorthAmerican Rockwell. It was owned by NASA and had fallen into disrepair. It was offered for donation to museums via a lottery. The new Heritage Aviation Museum in Bowling Green, KY won the honors. And Chris was chosen to do the restoration. They could not have chosen a finer model maker. We were wanting to do the Atlantis since that’s the Shuttle that carried Terry. Chris found 1/72 scale decals including the tile configuation.

My role was taking that decal sheet and hand drawing (Via CorelDraw) all the graphics to 1:15 scale, including drawing all the tiles. While this was the hard way to do it, simply enlarging the decal sheet 5X produced a pixelated mess. He was able to get the tiles laser etched out of adhesive sheet vinyl and laser cut the rest of the graphics out of the same material.

Chris is one of the, if not the, finest model builder I’ve ever known and I was honored to assist him. I also designed the base, but Chris built it.


Hi Myles,
You all did EXCELLENT work and Chris is quick to acknowledge you, Chris & Harry’s contributions on the project. Don’t miss the show this weekend!
The BattleScale Collectica Show

Boy that is a big shuttle. Glad to see it being honoring the great men and women of Real Space program. Also, happy to see the end result of you guys hard work was appreciated. :wink:

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