Colonel Hesslers Command trailer?

I’m thinking of eventually tackling another battle of the bulge movie diorama. I’d like to build Col. Hesslers Command trailer, the one that he is in with his Battalion commanders when the mine explodes. What kind of trailer was this, is it an American trailer or German trailer… or was it completely made up for the movie? Also would the half track towing it be an M3 half track?

As entertaining a film as this is, its so historically innacurate, it turns most war film officionados to drink. There’s barely a vehicle used in the film that is true to life (the German Panzers were all American M48s i think).

Therefore, its reasonable to assume that Hessler’s command trailer was either mocked up for the film or wasn’t German at all. If it is true to life, i expect this was more by accident than design…

@Khouli yes I’m aware the vehicles aren’t realistic and Hesslers based off of Joachim Pieper. But none the less it’s always fun building kits and drawing inspiration from movies. I have Hesslers “Tiger” built i just wanted to add his command wagon and half track. The Command wagon appears to be based off of a real piece of equipment, cmk had a kit labeled 1/35 commanders caravan and it appears to resemble what was being pulled in the movie.

Since the Tigers where Spanish M47’s maybe looking at what other equipment the Spanish had at the time may help.

Search here might help. They didn’t have a tag for the trailer but maybe more review might help.

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Don’t know if this will help, but here is a still;


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@paska @Tank_1812 thank you both !