Computer Error message, help needed

hi folks,
turned on the old computer today to be greeted with this annoying message thay won’t go a way.

does anyone know how to fix it?

Do you have McAffe on your PC?

@CMOT yep i do

Some pop ups claim to be McAfee but are actually ransomware.

I would go offline and do a virus and malware scan before anything else.

When my computer gives me error messages it might as well include the disclaimer:

Operator headspace and timing may be the issue.

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It seems that the cnts at McAfee have made a mistake

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At least you’re not using that Norton garbage.

You’re just using the next level of trash.

Unless you know how to isolate and install dll files you may need to reinstall McAfee.

I suggest using the removal tool to insure no bits of the previous install are lingering.

I have never recommended Norton or McAfee for any of my old PC repair clients. Personally, I have been using Avast’s free version for nearly two decades now and have never had error messages of that type pop up. In fact the only issue I have with Avast are the occasional ads that pop up trying to bribe me into getting the paid version. Never had a virus corrupt my system either and I go some pretty dangerous places on the web.

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MalwareBytes was good in my PC days. I don’t think it’s free anymore.

They still have a free version. There are also Bitdefender and Kaspersky with good free versions.

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