Coooucoouu from france

Hello, I’m a french modeller name aurélien WOLFF, I’m 21 and my last tank build was a hobby VK4502(p) hintern. Currently working on a amusing hobby panther II and I’m going to experiment some weatering with this one (I’m pretty sure I can make good dirt without pigment), and I’ll exepriment color scheme too. My favorite subject are what if/project/one off vehicle/technical (both real or what if,I got the idea of a E50 hull mix with a panther F turret today)

Happy modelling everyone!


Hello Aurelian!
Glad to hear you will be modeling a Panther II. Please show us pictures when you are finished or even some in progress ones. And be sure to share with us your weathering technique! Always trying to learn new ways and this site is great for that. Good luck!


Welcome aboard!

Welcome on Armorama !

thanks, for the mud, my idea is to simply mix some sand/earth with paint, then apply it on the model and then I’ll use drybrush for color variation. Just readed the paper panzer book from ak interactive and I’m pretty sure there are a lot of stuff I can do without having to got pigment.

I also do aircraft (both civilian an military what if, they’re base on concept art, such as my revell A320 neo being base around a lufthansa new livery concept art they released)

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