Currently operating hobby shops (Brick and Mortar)

That was my go to place when I lived in Acworth. Burt and Kevin.
There is 3 HobbyTown USA’s in the Seattle area. All three could probably fit inside Kennesaw.
They still ask my kid how I am doing when he goes there.

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Someone had posted a local hobby shop somewhere in Montana. Had a lot of Tamiya kits, anyone remember that? I go to Montana to visit the folks, might stop in.

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I’ve only been in the area since 2006 but those two (and the old guys in the train department) are there every time I visit.

Does that include the one in Bellevue? That one is pretty nice. When I contracted for a job at JBLM I had an apartment there. Very nice store. Pain getting to Bellevue any time before 8PM as rental cars were not allowed on the causeway from Seattle. At least not with the contract we had. I remember going there for supplies.

Technically I think it’s considered Redmond but yes. That’s actually and nice store. I go there every now and then for supplies. I try not to by anymore kits but we all know how that works out.

I was in Atlanta area for almost 30 years. Those guys have been there the whole time. It’s great when you go in a few times and they start remembering you and asking what you are building.
Now they recognize my kid, he goes in for Gundams.

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If you are going to be anywhere near Billings, MT they have two there. I used to go to them when I lived in Wyoming. Two hour drive one way for me but the closest thing I had to a local hobby shop.

Central Hobbies
1401 Central Avenue
Billings Montana 59102

Rimrock Hobbies (It used to be called Jim’s Junction when I went there)
811 16th Street W B
Billings, MT 59102
(406) 259-5354

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Damn, I was in that area as well a few weeks ago! You’re a wealth of knowledge!

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Thank you. My styrene addiction runs deep!! :open_mouth:

Maybe the next time you are traveling about you can hit all of them up. :slight_smile:


I’ve actually thought about it.
I like to camp out west and have thought that I could combine the two.


Big thumbs up to Hobby Island in Las Vegas, it’s the only shop in Vegas now. But, it’s a little hard to find because it’s connected to a custom car shop of some kind and the signage was lost to the car shop. Once you know it’s there it’s easy to find

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International Model Toys is one of my favorite shops. It is in the international district in Seattle. The owner Tom specializes in Gundam and mechs. He is always building some amazing dio when I go in. Best part is he lets me pick his brain when I see him lol


If you’re in the Metro Detroit area, Michigan Toy Soldier (MTS) is a really good figure hobby shop to stop by.

1400 E Eleven Mile Rd, Royal Oak, MI 48067’

2010 version:

2020 version:

YES, they were indicted of credit card fraud many years before (supposedly the people who did it are no longer working there). Nonetheless, they have a really awesome store with many rooms. So…just buyer beware. I bought from them several times.

Actor Tom Hanks reportedly buys his tin soldier figures from Michigan Toy Soldier and MTS stocks a lot of overseas hobby and figure products where you don’t have to pay for expensive overseas shipping. As a MTS member, you get 10% off and there are 10% off weekend sales to cut down on MSRPs.

What is really good about MTS is that MTS stocks the “latest and greatest” figure products from around the world. They really keep up with what is really good out there, meaning that they don’t stock junk. The majority of their products are foreign made.

I think the owners own the house/store and that is why it survived the pandemic.


It’s a good online shop as well


I’ve been buying my AK Real Colors from them using that discount.


Some of the overseas vendors in Europe only use DHL Express for shipping, and DHL Express is EXPENSIVE! DHL has like a fixed minimum rate of $45 USD shipping no matter how small an order, even if just one bottle of paint.

So ordering overseas products in the USA from an online hobby store makes sense and might be cheaper. MTS stocks a lot of overseas products from across the Atlantic and the Pacific.

Amazon is another good source of online paint ordering depending on who stocks it. Sometimes online hobby shops sell cheaper on Amazon and sometimes they don’t.


Michigan Toy Soldier is an excellent hobby shop and they’re all about a lot more than figures! Their stock is DEEP! They carry all the model manufacturers, paints, tools, bases, and stuff you didn’t know you need. They are THE source in the States for Copper State Models and a lot of hard to find tools. Just scroll down their manufacturer’s list and you’ll be shopping in no time. I buy from them all the time. Service can’t be beat. Highly recommended. I wish I could visit their store, but I don’t have a permit to carry in Detroit.


Why would you…oh wait, it’s Detroit.




Regarding the credit card fraud at Michigan Toy Soldier - the victim was none other than film maker Sir Peter Jackson of Wingnut Wings fame . It is my understanding that he left a credit card on file and the proprietor unlawfully used it when he had financial difficulties. I also believe restitution was made . This event among others was part of the stew that caused Sir Peter to re evaluate his monetary situation and factored in the demise of Wingnut Wings .
Michigan Toy Soldier Owner Gets Jail Time in Director Peter Jackson Credit Card Fraud | Royal Oak, MI Patch.