Curvy Tanks Campaign

Group Build Title: Curvy Tanks

Group Build Leader(s): @Annette_Dominic

Group Build Description: Any tank, any era, making heavy use of armor castings, i.e. curvy contours. The more castings the better.

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I’ll be building a Matilda II.

Not sure yet, either JS-3M or M4A1.

Never thought of it being curvy, but now you mention it I can see it is, and I have wanted to do an Aussie one for a while, especially with the curvy track guards… okay I’m in with “what he’s having”

Interesting idea! I am in - probably a 1/72 Patton or a 1/35 T-72.

I have Tamiya’s old Chieftain if it’s curvy enough. If not then Italeri’s old M47. As it’s now Sep 22 is this a live campaign?

It certainly is live…

I don’t see any action here yet, so let me be the first! I don’t have a photo, but my build is the prototype M4A1 “Leaflet” Canal Defense Light tank, essentially an armoured arc-lamp turret on the curvy late “big hatch” M4A1 Sherman hull. There’s only one photo of it that I know of, so I’m using that as a guide. The hull is the old Italeri one, the running gear is from my spares box, and the turret is a resin lump sold by Inside The Armour about a decade ago - I think it may have been mastered by “Panzerserra”. Photos to come as I get stuck in!


Here are the harvested parts:

And here’s what I’m building (courtesy of Wikipedia and the IWM):

Can’t get much curvier than that!


“Rivets! Why did it have to be rivets?” Okay, maybe not EXACTLY what Indy said in the movie…

I added even more curves with replacement grouser scoops from a 3D printed set I got from somebody on Shapeways:

It’s bogies next…


Riveting start Tom… :rofl:

Lots of nice curves on that AM set.

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My start up Pic. Going to be a while before I get to it, have to start and finish painting some other builds.

Some extra add on curvy bits of my own:

I never realised how many subtle curves the Matilda actually had before this, the nose piece curves up to the glacis, around the front, the turret shape and the mantlet and side extensions, all those radiator covers, The final drive housings, the drivers hood area, cupola and hatches - even the sides of the tracks are curved.

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My plan is to build one of two US Air Force tanks for this campaign. Not sure if it will be Godzilla or King Kong but I have plenty of time to sort that out.


Some interesting kits - I like the Matilda and have built several M60s! And it’s good to have company on what was looking like a solo trip…

Today’s update? BOGIES! (No, not THAT kind…)

The grey bits are DML (except the one that has Academy parts), the green wheels and arms are Italeri, and the skids are 3D-printed parts I designed ages ago for replacing thick kit skids. And I drilled all those pesky holes in the bogie faces to satisfy my AMS…


I can kill 2 birds with one stone since I am doing my own personal Russian Marathon Build. I assume a T-62 would qualify as a cast and curvy beast :slight_smile:

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Rory, I am not the campaign leader, but the T-55/62/72/80 tanks must the the definition of curvy tanks! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Gee Jesper… more like the mother of all frying pans… I like to think that the Chieftain had more curves than the Ruskies. It had curves on the turret, at the front hull join, the splash guard for the driver, then light housing, the rear engine deck sloping down on the ends, etc. It was mainly only the turret and the fuel tank that was curvy on the T55+'s.

I hope you get the okay to build it.


Don’t forget the “curve-ball” of that pesky engine! :grin:


Yeah Tom… :rofl:

Nothing wrong with that L60 Tom … that a spare 50L of OMD 80 wouldnt help fix lol