Cutting mat maintenance?

Mine seem to get beat up fairly fast. I mean they continue to self heal if I cut on them, but they get kind of filthy and spilled extra thin does them no favors. How do folks maintain them? And is there a version that doesn’t stick to polystyrene if you get extra thin on both?


@ phil2015. The mat I use is a ‘DAHL Self-Healing Cutting Mat.’ I have the blue one since it’s easy on my eyes. Can’t really say whether it’s any better than others out there, but I’ve had this one for over six years and it seems to have held-up to much of my abuse. … Then again, I probably don’t build as much as I used to.

Immediate cleanup with IPA usually does the trick for most spills. However, I’m known for knocking over things with my ungainly elbows, and since my first epic spill I’ve learned to make anti-spill bottle stands which I hack-out of shipping material.

Tamiya Extra Thin Cement

The yellow tape is code for contaminated Tamiya Extra Thin for making sprue-glue. The red tape identifies Tamiya Regular Cement.

MicroScale bottles

This reminds me… I’ve really gotta’ make a stand for my CA Kicker bottle… boy does that stuff smell when you spill it!

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Isn’t that alcohol abuse and maybe hear me out, less IPA might lead to less other spills on the mat.


:drum: Boy, I really set myself up for that one! :sweat_smile::beer:
Disclaimer… Kiddies, never drink while operating power tools. :hammer_and_wrench:


I only half looked at that first picture with the extra thin and thought you’d built it it’s own WWI no man’s land diorama for it to sit in.


Don’t worry, it’s “patina” :sunglasses:


A quick fix is to tape 2 square bottles together, certainly reduces knockability :wink:
Or buy one of the 3D printed holders. or make a frame in Balsa around the base.

Andrew T

I use the Tamiya foam holder, works good enough for me. No (knock on wood) spills to date.

The one I need to make is for the microsol/microset bottles. I knock those over more often.


What about considering a downsized concrete wine bottle cooler ?

All you need is this :wink:




That would get more dangerous the emptier the bottle got. Might hit the hole to hard or miss it all together.

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Shameless plug here. But I just got into 3d printing and I have been building stands for almost anything on my bench as practice. If anyone is looking for something custom PM me and let’s chat. I am kicking the idea about making a whole line up of my own stand designs. So if there are guys out there looking for stuff that they would like to have built to buy. Hit me up. I would think most small stands would only be 5 - 10 bucks plus shipping or possibly kit trades!


If you happen to know anyone in the offset printing industry, see if you can score some old printer blankets. They don’t exactly self heal, but you wont cut all the way through them with an exacto-unless you’re pressing really hard

I have cut up some smaller ones for building in the living room while I watch TV-Yes, the wife allows it.

They are a good alternative in a pinch.

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Organization on a workbench??

The nerve of this guy!!! :grinning: :grinning:

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Oh you should see my garage. I would be redeemed very fast on my disorganized manner!

I have been in this hobby for probably 6 or 7 years and have acquired so much tools and supplies I have a hard time using my stuff effectively. By effectively I mean when I need something I can’t find it in a timely manner so I go without. I am really trying to design everything to use some kinda universal base/tray/stand that I can build to work with somekinda toolbox or cabinet storage. In a perfect world I would like to remove whatever I need on a tray‐stand, use it, have everything I need on the tray then slide it back inside it storage. I know that’s asking alot but a guy can dream can’t I.

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I understand, the struggle is real. Anything off the shelf seems either way to big and too small to work effectively and that is just tools and supplies. I don’t build as fast as you or one at a time so I need storage for many in progress builds.

I was thinking all my tools could be on my type of toolbox rack, paints on another, and styrene, brass, and other stock in another type of storage. But I would like to build it moduler so you just buy what you need but somehow it would all work together. I don’t think it’s to crazy of a thing to come up with.

I now am looking at modeling tool sets to come up with a master set of good tool that I use and make one master tool set and go from there.

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From this point forward, my workbench shall be known as “No Man’s Land!” :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Great idea!.. I present to you the Tamiyawerfer! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Now back to cutting mats. I’m due to replace my current mat, I even have a new one waiting in the wings. However, I keep having this recurring nightmare.


That is some serious power right there.

As for the nightmare (awesome video), get a smaller mat and just start stacking them as you need a new one. Problem solved.

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Sorry I didn’t mean to side track the topic. Here’s a little different option for bench mats… I just changed over my cutting Matt to a silicone work Matt and I now use a smaller cutting mat when I need to cut something. The silicone mat works great for clean up and has great texture to keep stuff from rolling around and bouncing off. But it is NOT a cutting Matt in any way. The one I got has some molded in compartments that have came in very useful. Not sure I will go back to a normal cutting mat again.


Oh, I should have thought of that! I have a gun cleaning mat that looks exactly like that - with little compartments for small screws and such. That would actually be perfect as a work surface with a smaller cutting mat to the side.

Easy to clean? With alcohol or something like that?

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