D9R - 'Major Overhaul' diorama

Hi all. It’ a D9R propped on wooden blocks.Still working on it, although it looks complete, I’m still moving things around, just slightly. Placing figures in different areas to see what looks appropriate.

The diorama may look complete but it is not. But so far, things are looking good. And whatever comes that needs attention.


I’m also working out the kinks in the overhead crane.


Amazing attention to detail!

Much appreciated. Thanks.

Looking really great. My father-in-law was a heavy equipment mechanic and often talks about his time working for a CAT dealer doing this type of full rebuilds.

Great to know BullDzr16. Thanks.

so much detail, this is truly amazing. I thought those pallet trucks were the real thing!

Much appreciated Klaus. Glad you approve. :slight_smile:

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I remember this one… I would say one of your best dioramas. So much to look at, so many details all over. Well done!


Thank you kindly, Mario.

Awsome dio, full of fantastic details. Congrats!

Thank you Warlord.

Holy Smokes ! This is awesome ! I went thru all the images twice. Each trip I noticed little things I missed on my first scroll down. Realistic weathering, attention to tiny details like the kneeling guy, putting a fat wallet in his back pocket, genius! It’s probably too late but a tear in the seat with a bit of stuffing coming out or a duct tape repair, they look a bit too new to me.
Great work and thank you for sharing. Please keep us up to date with your progress !

Thank you Ivan. Great reaction. I lile the idea of the worn out seat with tape. Why didn’t I think of that at the time… Oh well! Maybe I can still add it. We’ll see. Glad you like the details. Appreciate it.

Outstanding! Your diorama is getting me thinking about getting back to my own dormant D9R, but it will be much less disassembled. :slight_smile:

I had to take a look twice before I vaguely remembered this diorama. Great job…the richness in colors, details, figures, equipment and eyecandy is such that it all blends together with a great purpose. Best of all, it shows that no matter what resin or plastic kit is made, chances are some modeler out there somewhere in the world will want it and use it. Thumbs way up!

Oooooh! Now that I would definitely like to see. :slight_smile:

YEP! So true Trisaw. I have re-arranged a couple of the figures and added some other details here and there. Still thinking of adding a forklift. One thing though, how heavy are those tracks?

Wow, if my old maintenance chief saw this he would have a tear in his eye and buy you a beer.

HeHe!!! Well, if that is not a compliment, then I don’t know what is. I appreciate it. Thank you kindly. My regards to the chief. :wink: Still need to add oil spills, dirty rags and what-nots. So I am still trying to get it to the point, where I’ll be satisfied.