DAK Windwagen- a Conversion/Kitbash/Scratch Build of a Non-Armored Rommel's Funny

Herewith I present my next modelling project-a DAK Windwagen.

The DAK “wind wagon” combined an Argus AS-10 engine mounting a shortened propeller(courtesy of Fieseler Fi 156 Storch maintenance spares) with an early Bedford MWD(courtesy of the British Army).Its sole purpose was to produce the dust clouds, that were usually raised by an armored column moving through the desert.

I first read about these German field modifications in Paul Carrel’s “Foxes of the Desert” book, in the chapter dedicated to Operation Crusader preparation. There(I have the Russian translation of the book, so cannot give exact page) Carrel says:
“…The arguments lasted long.
Could the plan, obtained by the Intelligence, be trusted, or was it yet another attempt of the Old Desert Fox to fool them all again?
Did it not happen before, that he sent maintenance troops on trucks with airplane engines mounted, to raise desert dust and mimic panzer attack at a certain location, while his actual panzer force was moving to attack in another direction?!?..”

Then in December 2019 a picture was posted in the AHF:

It showed a truck with an airplane engine mounted.
A true Windwagen-said Ilian Filipov.
A love of first sight- I said to myself.

In mid-December 2019 I went with a bunch of fellow modellers to Belgrade’s Modelling Contest and Ilian was among them.
There over dinner-and rakia- we discussed the Windwagen.

He said he has seen no other pictures of the Windwagen(sad news for me, for he has a huge collection of pictures) and there are no other 1/35 kits of Bedford MWD’s, besides Resicast’s resin ones(another sad news due to pricing).
I saw a dream project slowly dying…

Then a week later Simon King announced Gecko Models will issue a styrene Bedford MWD in 1/35!!!
My Windwagen juices came back again.

I bought Hobby Boss’s 1/35 Fieseler 156 Storch kit to donor the engine and the propeller. Found Manuals for Fi 156 to see how the engine attaches to the airframe. Searched for the right type of air tank.
And all this time waited for the MWD to become available…

Then in one of the COVID lockdown breaks, I was given the Argus AS-10 engine sprue from Eduard’s 1/32 Me-108 Taifun by a modelling buddy of mine, together with the right Luftwaffe air tank.
I couldn’t resist and built it(less some parts):

while also noting all the features that are omitted, but are pretty visible when the engine is mounted bare.

And then waited and waited for the MWD to show up at my doorstep.

Planned for Christmas, the miracle finally happened on Orthodox Easter(last Saturday):

So I finally have all the ingredients(incl. enough -I hope-Plastruct styrene rods) to build this Rommel Funny.

Will start with MWD’s frame,



Love the idea, back story and the plan Angel. Will be really fun watching this come together and interesting to see how you meld it all together.
Also, nice to see a totally different type of hybrid vehicle… With parts from both sides…

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great idea
are you sure about the truck?

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Thanks John!

A nice challenge and an unique vehicle- those 2 factors have pulled me out of my usual sphere of modelling(Bulgarian vehicles).


Thanks smolensk!

Pretty sure the truck is an early Bedford MWD Aeroscreen(a.k.a. Pneumonia Wagon).


Nice and very original subject. I will certainly follow this one and see wht you make out of it… (Confident it will be awesome!)

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Thanks Erwin!

I went through several frame construction steps so far and really like how Gecko’s kit builds. Made the first cuts and modifications and will post some pictures soon,


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Hi Angel,

This certainly looks like an interesting subject, which you seem to have a real gift for finding!, and what will no doubt translate into a very interesting build! Glad I dropped by to see what was happening at the forum today!


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It started again … The head definitely doesn’t listen to you. :thinking:
But it will be fun. I will watch you carefully so that you do not make a mistake.
Come on. :beer: :beer: :beer:

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I saw your reply when the Gecko Bedford waterbowser was announced and was also very interested in this Windwagen.
And I recently decided to gave this vehicle a try in the online competition of Twenot ( dutch modelling site)
I started already with the Gecko Bedford MWD ( aeroscreen)
And a 1/35 FI 156 is on its way… so is a spare ME 109 spare droptank (1/32) . Basically the same components you use…
I look forward to updates from you. And maybe we can compare our efforts…
Greetz Ronald

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@Stickframe Glad to see you around Nick! Hope everything is fine with you and you continue producing high quality scratch/kitbash stunners!
The Windwagen is a lovely piece of machinery and I’ll try to give it the justice it deserves. Stay tuned :wink:

@k_mero4 Sure, Kalin, my head won’t listen to me and SWMBO😉. Every help in avoiding mistake will be warmly welcomed.

@RonaldS Hey, Ronald, glad to welcome you on the new forum. I remember the exchange we had last year on the old forum and I’m trully thankfull for your correction of some wrong assumptions I did then. Would love to see your rendition presented in this blog and for sure we will stay in touch to avoid making same mistakes.
I found your blog on Twenot and will follow closely your build there too! :beer:


This looks like a very interesting subject!

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Yeah Phil, you can bet it is :grin:


Angel you must stop this nonsense immediately. It’s driving me crazy the way you conceptualize and build these magnificent dreams of yours. :grin: :grin:


Fat chance of that happening DV :grin:


I hear you DV!

Starting from Friday and courtesy of SWMBO’s holiday schedule, I’ll leave my country, city and modelling bench for a while.
John (@johnych01) said a mouthful here, because I’ll be back in a week.
So that’s the least I can promise you:
One non-crazy week :grin: :grin: :grin:


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I have never heard of this vehicle so it was good of you to post s history of it and I look forward to seeing more progress soon.

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Thanks David!

I wish there were more pictures and info about the Windwagen, but that’s not the case right now.

I hope my guesswork will be sound,


Made some progress on frame construction and detailing.

First of all- I skipped mounting the rearmost cross member, that holds the tow pintle. Mounting the inclined airdrop tank between the side frames is impossible if the rear cross member is there.
Then I cut the rear portions of the side frames (2 mm. behind the rear leaf spring joints), sanded the cut parts and glued them again. The picture I have shows this modification clearly.
Added some rivets on frame’s top- they won’t be visible if the lorry has its load bed mounted, but are visible on the bare frame:

I also started construction on the engine and made some initial detailing on engine’s right side:

Drilled the sparks and the distributor, scratch built and added the ignition coil, the oil dipstick and the retaining brackets of the fuel pump.

Then turned my attention to the differential housing. Added the oil drain plug and constructed the frame for the parking brake:

Not much done so far, but I enjoyed every bit of it :wink:



“Not much done so far” he says… Oh how he teases us all…!!! A very lovely start so far Angel with some very neat tiny super detailing :+1::+1:

You deserve a holiday …