Damaged HIMARS returning to states

Looks like minor damage but still,
going to war is dangerous.
Amazing that it took so long time for the Orcs to get close

Looks like an easy fix; nothing the guys at Oshkosh Defense can’t repair.

That’ll buff right out!!

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One more reason for Trumpeter to re-tool their kit!

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Look at the little checkered box’s, they look like photo references for bullet impacts on the armor plate

The engineers at Lockheed-Martin will analyze the vehicle and see how it performed after being damaged. It’ll help them further develop the platform with redundant systems to ensure the vehicle will still perform after being damaged. The Ukrainians will get a new vehicle in return.

Oshkosh only makes the truck. The launch system is completely different.

I was waiting to see a HIMARS getting hit over there. Judging from the damage it held up pretty good.

Yeah; Lockheed-Martin builds the launcher system.