Dark Theme Option

A little tip for some of the new guys here. The “New KitMaker” has a ‘Dark Theme’ option which I’ve found very helpful due to my burnt-out retinas. If you go to your ‘Preferences,’ click on ‘Interface,’ you’ll see the selection for ‘Dark Theme’ … I know, I know, it’s not for everyone, but for those who would prefer this viewing option, then this one’s for you (Note: must be logged in). HTH. :sunglasses:

Stay healthy, fellow modelers!


I use the Dark Theme too and I like it.


Thanks for the tip @justsendit, I like the dark theme and it easier for the eyes.

Thanks. That makes it easier on my tired old eyes.

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The dark background does make it easier for me, Glad that tip was posted.

I like it,much more comfortable and stylish:)

I prefer the light default option than the dark. Too bad there isn’t a third option somewhere in the middle.

Oh hell yeah, much better!

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