Darktrooper's Airfix ferret

Finally realized there was this section. D’oh!

Today’s progress before I go to work:

The Scorpion miniature models wheels are just sitting on there so I can work on the model.

The replacement exhaust went on.

If you notice the camber on the wheels and tires they’re supposed to be that way!


I watched “The Way Ahead” 1944 war film yesterday. David Niven and his men pushed one of those overboard into the ocean when their troop carrier got torpedoed. Looked real and I cringed.

That was a Daimler Dingo, not a ferret. The Ferrets weren’t produced till 1952.

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Even worse!!!

Todays progress:

The lower hull is completed. There are antennas for the larkspur bases, I won’t add them until I’m done with the turret.

I’m waiting on the replacement roadwheel to arrive. The set I purchased had three roadwheels and two spare wheels. Scorpion Miniature models immediately made it right and is sending the replacement wheels.

I’ve purchased from them before and their stuff is great!

I did buy a Scorpion Miniature Models replacement turret the kits turret just didn’t have the right proportions.


How are you finding the kit so far AJ? Any problems?
I have it as well and will be ordering some aftermarket stuff soon.


It’s a fun and easy build!

The instructions are clear, my only complaint is there’s no paint list for some of the colors they ask for.

So far I have had no issues with the kit.

The SMM stuff fits well and looks good.

TBH, it’s a welcome build after the PITA that was the Gecko Daimler.

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Looks good so far … I will need to order about 3 or 4 of the SMM add ONS for when I do my UN Ferret.
Just double check you have the correct fire extinguisher and side lights/indicator configuration for the year you plan on modelling :+1:

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Would you say a weekend project? Of course it depends on ones building skills etc. etc

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The picture I used as a reference shows the double stacked indicator lights and the fire extinguisher is rounded on the bottom in the picture

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Oh definitely a weekend project. Even with the add ons

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I was referring to this one ? Single side light mount and BCF FFE.

If you have posted another one with the side and indicator lights, and the old style FFE I may of missed it.


I have another picture taken at the same time with the same unit of one with the double indicators, probably got the picture confused


Why is it that every time i see a picture of a Ferret, I get this song stuck in my head. “Machinehead” by the British Punk Rock band Bush.

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Painted in British Bronze Green, waiting for the turret to come in then add the desert yellow

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I got bored so I painted the camo.

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Plus a wash

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Resin turret and the replacement road wheel arrived.

Ready for some primer.

How does that turret compare to the kit one. Bearing in mind that mine will be closed up with no gun fitted ? As it stands, I will be needing at least SMM Ferret extra packs for my build, Basic set, rear engine grill and the UN basket and the STAR decals that has the Danish ferret markings.

Also, when you do the skull on the turret, its a dark blue square, not black … and I know it is probably to late to change it, but the fire Extinguisher is defo the newer BCF shape, not that old style.

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