Darn it! I can't beat the gloss!

Ben working on Hobby Boss’s XM706 for the last few weeks and got down to the last stages, squirted AK’s clear flat but couldn’t get it flat, it was nearly as glossy as the gloss over coat, aarrrgh! Studied the site and the net and decided to try Rustoleum clear flat and this is what I got . . .



. . . there’s still a few things to do on the Commando, the water buffalo is done but shiney dammit!

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This is what I use for a Matte coat.

It knocks any gloss shine down almost instantly.

Here’s a model that was sprayed with it.

Its about the same price as the Rustoleum spray, and you can buy it at Walmart.


I find that Tamiya flat works really well, especially if you use their lacquer (either from the can or bottle)!


. . . figures, rite! I went to Lowes for Krylon but none on shelf, remembered someone on the forum using Rusto to finish their rail cars so I tried that, well poot!

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@agincajun Terry, I once had something similar happen with a T-72. Fixed it with Pactra A48 Clear Flat.

Pactra’s A48 been gone for along time and difficult to find now but I think @SSGToms Matt’s acrylic flat will work equally well to correct the gloss issue.

Matt’s Proprietary acrylic flat with - see post #23

Hopefully, Matt will see this and comment in detail.

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I used the recipe @Armor_Buff refercnws and it worked well! Make sure to test it on scrap as a poor mix can lead to frosting. I couldn’t get an absolute dead flat but it was close and the filter flattened it

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Rust-o-leum and Krylon?

Seriously guys?

Testers dull coat


Yes dear, browse thru this post . . Practice Weathering Part II . . . this is weathering we all aspire to I’m sure, Dave @Kraftstoff3 used Rusto on his works if I remember correctly and they look flippin’ awesome, why my application didn’t work I dunno but one has to be sure to use the exact same product to get the exact same results, I may have failed in that respect :weary:
BTW Joe, what are you using to get a flat finish? I’ve tried Model Master, Floquil, AK Real and now Rustoleum, if you tell me you’re useing RightGuard antipersperant and show a picture where it worked I’d consider it.

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AK Ultra Matt works well straight from the bottle. Vallejo Matt Varnish is good too but it needs thinning with distilled water before airbrushing it.

Hmm, Karl @Karl187, I used AK# RC500 thinned with lacquer thinner, wonder if that’s the problem :thinking:

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Once a solvent enamel/lacquer base flat coat goes GLOSS and is jacked up, I’ve found it impossible to fix a glossy solvent enamel/lacquer base flat with additional applications of solvent enamel/lacquer base flats regardless of brand.

Switching to a very high quality acrylic flat will work most of the time.

Thanks to a bad can of Testor’s Dulcoat back in 1993 this T-72 turned shiny and glossy like a freshly waxed new car. None of various enamel/lacquer flats would even slightly dull the gloss.

Two coats of Pactra Acrylic Flat fixed the gloss issue.

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That’s the annoying thing about varnish- it’s a strangely tricky thing that can go wrong with no rhyme or reason. I’ve found this to my cost multiple times- that’s why I tend to prefer the easiest solution which, for me, is a varnish you can airbrush or paint straight from the bottle.

Testors or Tamiya matte from a rattle can.

And it’s 2021. Someone else already did that trial and error for you.

I’d not seen anyone mention Rust-o-leum and Krylon mattes in these forums and I have been visiting for years. Mostly Pledge/Future variations and your Modeling companies’ solutions.
So, yeah, it’s a bit freaking odd to me.

“I’m going to spray the same paint on my deck furniture AND my model kits.”

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I suppose you would say the same thing to @Chris_Bryan who sprays his kits with craft paints but still obtains amazing smooth results?

I use Windsor and Newton Galleria Matt Varnish. Thin it 50/50 with Tamiya x20a and spray away. The most Matt finish I have ever used. It is supposed to be removable so I only use it as a final coat.

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if your doing a Vietnam era armored car; then they were shipped in a semi gloss paint from the states. In six months they were a matte finish.

Rustoleum Clear Flat…Krylon Flat…Tamiya XF86 Clear Flat…
All of the above…often all on the same car…


Sorry I’m a little late to the party. I was at the hotel today finalizing everything for Armorcon.
So, for a dead flat (and I mean that) finish that can’t be beat, mix 70% Future with 30% Tamiya X-21 Flat Base. If that’s not flat enough for you, you can even go 60/40. Shoot it straight from the bottle at 15 PSI with a .5 nozzle (or thereabouts) and you will have a beautiful airbrushed dead flat finish that will not frost or milk on you and will stand up to all the oil or enamel weathering you can throw at it. Here’s a few photos of models with this flat coat -

Just use a Sharpie to mark an empty bottle into 10 sections and mixing is easy. I’ve been airbrushing this flat coat for decades and it has never failed me.


I saw the formula you use Thursday Matt @SSGToms , but then saw the Krylon thing last nite (Friday) and thought I’d try it, this is the first I’ve seen of your Fire truck, nice, and big!
I know, I know, that’s what she said rite :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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