Decals/Dry Prints - German Afrika Korps 8 T Half-track and 8.8cm Flak 36 (1/35)


I’m in the process of adding to the stash and have purchased the superb Dragon 8 ton half-track (early) and 88mm Flak 36.

Thing is, I want to re-create a unit from the North African campaign, namely a DAK unit. Trouble is neither kit provides decals for this theatre - nearest is 1941, Libya (Luftwaffe).

Anyone know where I can get AM decal sheets for these kits?

Archer Fine Transfers. Best in the business. Very highly recommended.

I can check my spares if you want but Im pretty sure I have a set of DAK decals from my 8.8cm build a while back. If your interested DM me and I’ll send 'em over for free.